Bones Season 8 Episode 15: Ghost, again? Emily Deschanel Gets 'Shot in the Dark' [SPOILERS, PHOTOS]

Will writers disappoint again with another 'ghost' episode?

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Bones Season 8 Episode 15, called "The Shot in the Dark" will reveal more about Dr Temperance Brennan's history - her childhood, her mother, and how that history plays out in her head now that she's a mom.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains mild spoilers for the Fox series "Bones" (Season 8X15). Major details are not included.

Bones Season 8 Episode 15: Ghost, again? Emily Deschanel Gets ‘Shot in the Dark’ (Image: Fox, Bones Promo Photo)

"[Brennan] is shot and she has an encounter that she believes is a hallucination, at least at first," Emily Deschanel tells TV reporters. "She is transported to her childhood home and sees her mother, who is dead. So of course she believes it's a hallucination."

The last time Bones did an episode with someone supposedly manifesting an after-death presence, the reviewing audience at gave the episode a 6.1 out of 10 rating. It was a harsh drop from the usual 8+ rating. Many viewers thought the way Brennan dealt with the "communicating skull" was uncharacteristic, and it does not reconcile with her hyper-rationality.

User ErickOsornoMar gave Season 8 Episode 9 "The Ghost in the Machine" (with guest star Cyndi Lauper) a rating of 1.0. He wrote, "The dead boy POV is awful. Please don't do this ever again." But Bones has another episode from the same vein. Only this time (SPOILER ALERT), Brennan herself will be in a near-death experience. The "ghost" or the hallucination, is taken care of by Brennan's mother (guest star Brooke Langton).

Bones Season 8 Episode 15: Ghost, again? Emily Deschanel Gets ‘Shot in the Dark’ (with guest star Brooke Langton in this Fox promo photo for Bones)

For Deschanel , the upcoming episode is important in further unraveling the complexity that is Temperance Brennan.

"I really enjoyed doing the episode because it really shed a light on Brennan and her past, but I also really liked having that interaction with her mother. What other kind of episode can you have an interaction with somebody who is dead?" Deschanel asked.

It remains to be seen whether "Bones" will make up for the disappointment that was "Ghost in the Machine." Brennan standing in some near-death limbo could be interesting, if told without overly demystifying Temperance Brennan.

Bones will air this fresh episode on FOX Monday night.


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