Bones Season 8 Episode 10 Sneak Peek, Pelant’s Marigold and More Teasers! [VIDEO]

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Bones Season 8 Episode 10, titled "The Doll in the Derby" will not be seen until January 14. The series is on a holiday hiatus, just like many other TV series this time of the year. But in January, the season's most anticipated villain, Christopher Pelant, is returning.

Bones show runner Stephen Nathan told TV Equals last month that some Pelant scenes were already being filmed. He teased, "[Pelant] comes back in earnest." It is perhaps safe to assume that viewers will soon find out what Pelant's marigold means.

Series creator Hart Hanson also revealed Pelant could figure in Bones' season finale next year.

"[The episode featuring Pelant's return is] directed by Rob Hardy and it's one of the biggest episodes we've ever shot... We're starting to talk about what our season ender will look like and [Pelant] may or may not be a part of that," he said.

Bones Season 8 Teasers, Spoilers: Angela's Career Change, Brennan's Mom

Bones is nearly halfway through its eighth season. Many things could still unfold in the lives of Brennan, Booth, and the rest of the characters. In particular, the rumour about Angela's supposed imminent exit must be addressed.

Coinciding with Pelant's return is a time for Angela to make some decision about her career. But Hanson made it clear Angela will stay in the series.

"This is [Angela's] season to start to think that her life is meant to be bigger than recreating crimes and living in a life of murder," Hanson clarified, emphasizing that Angela will not be written off the show.

Brennan [spoiler alert] will figure in a very dangerous situation by February sweeps. She will have a near-death experience, during which she will "hallucinate" about her mother.

Brooke Langton (of "Melrose Place") has been cast as Brennan's mother for this episode. Larisa Miller was previously seen as Brennan's mother, but this time, Brennan will see her mother the way she last saw her.

For bonus teasers, a new squintern will be introduced. And finally, Cam will go public with her new boyfriend.

Bones Season 8 Episode 10: "The Doll in the Derby"

When the series returns to Fox on January 14, Brennan and Booth will revisit their Buck and Wanda alter-egos. And they'll be doing some ballroom dancing.

Here is a sneak peek into the January 14 episode of "Bones:"

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