Bombs w/ Ebola Virus Exploding in Public Area - a Possibility, Expert Says

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Health workers take blood samples for Ebola virus testing at a screening tent in the local government hospital in Kenema
Health workers take blood samples for Ebola virus testing at a screening tent in the local government hospital in Kenema, Sierra Leone, June 30, 2014. Reuters

Terrorists group, such as Al Qaeda, can create bombs with Ebola virus and explode it in public area, biological anthropologist Dr Peter Walsh warns.

Ebola kills 90 per cent of people contaminated with the virus and no vaccine and any form of cure exists. Terrorists group can take advantage of the fatal Ebola virus by creating dirty bombs that could be exploded in public to kill multitude of people in one swipe, Walsh warns.

"A bigger and more serious risk is that a group manages to harness the virus as a power, then explodes it as a bomb in a highly populated public area," Dr Walsh told The Sun on Sunday.

He said that since the virus was proven to have caused horrific deaths and only few labs across the world have the virus contained, a high risk that a terrorist group seeking to obtain the virus and spreading it outside West Africa is plausible.

"It could cause a large number of horrific deaths. Only a handful of labs worldwide have the Ebola virus and they are extremely well-protected. So the risk is that a terrorist group seeks to obtain the virus out in West Africa," Walsh added.

However, World Health Organisation director-general Margaret Chan underlined that Ebola is not airborne and is only transmitted through direct contact with bodily fluids from the sick person.

Nevertheless, Chans warns that the Ebola outbreak is spreading faster than the efforts to control it. She said that if the outbreak continues to persist, there can be catastrophic consequences as more lives can be lost and chaos could affect socioeconomic situation.

Meanwhile, Australia's Commonwealth chief medical officer, Professor Chris Baggoley, said that a chance of Ebola spreading in the country is very low.

He emphasised that people should not panic over the news of Ebola outbreak as advice from European Union that the risk of spreading the disease, even through people from Africa, "is really very low."

For the disease to spread across Australia, a traveler should have travelled from Guinea, Sierra Leone or Liberia in particular, been in contact with sick or dead animal (particularly bats) or that they have touched a sick or dead person with Ebola,  Baggoley explained on 774 ABC Melbourne.

Baggoley assured that Australia's quarantine officers are implementing a tried and true system to handle the disease should a need arises.

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