Boeing Android Black Smartphone is Champion for Data Security

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When you think one of the well-known leading smartphone makers is the one who manufactures the most secure phone in the world, do your research again. It is not Apple; nor Samsung, Sony, LG or BlackBerry. It is easy to be misled because the company is not known to be a phone maker, but a manufacturer of airplanes - Boeing.

The Black phone by Boeing

Boeing has developed a new smartphone, (not for public consumption) called Black. CNET reports that it safeguards data well. Going further, this smartphone will self-destruct when tampered. The software and data will be erased when malicious intentions are detected, rendering the device inoperable.

The device was first detected in an FCC filing and its existence was confirmed by Boeing.

The Black Android smartphone will be available for defense, homeland security and similar agencies. That is why its features and specs have not been disclosed, and will remain a secret.

A Boeing spokesperson told GeekWire that there is an internal need of a dependable mobile device to secure access as well as enable exchange of data of significant data. The Black phone is the answer, as it delivers a distinct embedded software and hardware security solutions. It is generally compatible with the management systems of mobile devices.

Black specs

A letter to the US Federal Communications Commission unveils more details regarding how the Black phone can detect attempts of tamper. The FCC shed hope regarding the aerospace titan of marketing a phone specifically created for government agencies and the military, including their contractors.

Based on the FCC filing, the phone will have dual-SIM and will support LTE, WCDMA and GSM. It has Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, USB, PDMI and HDMI ports. It might have a camera though it is typically a no-no when it comes to top security works. It will run Android and might have custom modifications by its maker.

Unique Features

Black has no serviceable part. Any attempt of replacement or servicing would destroy the product. The device is sealed with epoxy and screws; cover is tamper proof to identify any attempt of disassembly. Black buyers or end users need to sign a confidentiality agreement which bans them from sharing any data about the phone's hardware and software.

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