Boeing 777, Malaysian Flight MH370 Where is it? Conspiracy Theories that Will Shock You!

By @Ze_Charm on

The recent disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines plane, the Boeing 777, has lead to various conspiracy theories. The plane was said to be en route from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and on its way to Beijing when the plane was suddenly undetectable by radar. The weird part was that the pilots of the plane didn't place a distress call and no debris was found in the Southeast Asian sea to tell of an explosion or terrorist attack on the plane.

The plane had disappeared from the detection of the radar between Malaysia and Vietnam. So what are the possible reasons for the disappearance of the Boeing 777 which carried 239 people? Readers would not believe the possible reasons the plane vanished from all trace of technology.

According to experts and reported by the Huffington post, there is a possibility that it was hijacked by terrorists using fake identities and had the plane crash, but since there is no trace of the plane, some have said that it is being held hostage somewhere in a deserted Vietnam airport. Possible, but according to some reports, the phones of those on the plane can be reached. This is one of the scary parts since if the plane is undetectable by modern technology but their phones can be contacted, where are the people of the Boeing 777?

There are those who believe the plane was in the wrong place at the wrong time as it may have interacted with a possible UFO. Aliens? Yes, experts are also looking into the fact that the plane may have been abducted by aliens. As of today, people would laugh at such a theory but since there is no possible explanation for the disappearance of a huge plane, it would be more than likely something else may have interfered with it.

Conspiracy theories such as the plane may have been moved to another dimension is also one that is being tackled. Authorities as slamming these reports but people are more than convinced that this could be what had happened. No trace of debris, no detection of where the plane had gone to, no distress call from the pilots and no means of finding out where they are. It would seem impossible that a huge plane that was detectable on radar suddenly vanish all of a sudden and yet people could still reach the phones of those on that particular flight, authorities are still looking to find out what happened to the Boeing 777 and hoping that everyone on that flight are still alright. 

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