Bobby Norris of TOWIE Braves The Dicksling

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The dicksling is the latest style swerve in male swimwear that's in trend right now and "TOWIE" star Bobby Norris is one with the trend.

The dicksling can't possibly be considered a swimsuit. Wearing socks over the male genitalia would have been a far better choice. Any guy who would wear a dicksling deserves to be applauded for his confidence, since one would think that no one is brave enough to actually wear it.

Well, apparently not if you are Bobby Norris.

Bobby Norris is part of the ensemble cast of British reality TV show "The Only Way Is Essex" or "TOWIE" for short. Flesh-flashing outfits and fake tans characterize "TOWIE," however according to huffingtonpost, Bobby Norris and his boyfriend Harry took "TOWIE" to a whole new level.

Bobby Norris and boyfriend Harry Derbidge were spotted wearing the bizarre dicksling while on a vacation in Marbella, Spain. The dicksling managed to cover only one side of their hips ensuring minimal tan lines (see photo from cosmopolitan).

While leaving virtually nothing to the imagination, no one seemed to mind Bobby Norris and his boyfriend wearing the revealing dicksling. The couple met up with the rest of the "TOWIE" cast to film their summer special in the Spanish resort.

According to Cosmopolitan, every year the "TOWIE" cast film their summer special in the sunny Spanish coastal town of Marbella. It's one of the many European vacation spots British people visit to get violently drunk and dangerously sunburned on their summer vacation.

GQ managed to provide some safety tips for those who are brave enough to wear the dicksling like "TOWIE" star Bobby Norris.

1. Put on the dicksling like any other pair of swim trunks: one leg at a time. Note that that you should be done twice as quickly. 2. Lift, THEN shift. The elastic is cruel and unforgiving. It cares not for your testicles. 3. Beware of the following potential hazards while wearing the dicksling: Becoming physically aroused, metal benches that have been in direct sunlight, melanoma of the taint. 4. Use caution when at the urinal, the dicksling needs extra support. Always be respectful of your neighbors by observing the 1, 3, 5 rule. 5. We advise switching sides if you plan on prolonged exposure to the sun. This will help you avoid an odd tan line. 6. AVOID COLD WATER 7. NO DIVING 8. It helps to have a few drinks before strapping one on. 9. Avoid white. 10. Walk, don't run. For the love of god, walk. Slowly. 11. Bring a bag for your wallet, keys, and dignity.

Source:YouTube/Sunday Magazine

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