Bobbi Brown Customers Not Happy With Kate Upton as New Brand Ambassador? Threatening to Stop Buying The Cosmetics

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Kate Upton has been chosen as the new face of Bobbi Brown cosmetics range. But are the customers of Bobbi Brown impressed with their new choice? The brand made the announcement of replacing their previous brand ambassador Katie Holmes and choosing Kate Upton as the new face on its Instagram page.

"Proud to announce @KateUpton as the new face of Bobbi Brown-a beautiful, confident, empowered woman," Bobbi Brown wrote on its Instagram page along with a beautiful picture of Kate Upton.

However looking at the comments section on its Instagram page, it becomes quite clear that not many of their customers are happy that Kate Upton has replaced Katie Holmes. Many of them are threatening to stop buying the Bobbi Brown cosmetics after it [Bobbi Brown] has chosen an "immature bikini model" to represent them while others are of the opinion that Bobbi Brown might lose some of its "educated, mature customers who could never identify with her." Let's take a look at some of the harsh reactions.

"From now on I will not buy anything from bobbi brown. And no longer follow," writes colamonster on the Instagram page of Bobbi Brown where Kate Upton's picture has been put up along with the announcement.

"Shes pretty but i like katie Holmes more :) shes more natural," write aims_13p on same Instagram page.

"Come on Bobbi, Kate Upton! Natural she is not. You are going to lose your educated, mature customers who could never identify with her. This is a mistake!," writes piaplakas on Instagram.

"Yuck ! A gummy toddler-faced overrated bikini model is now the face of a prestigious cosmetics brand? So disappointed," writes iwearblacksunnies on Instagram.

However there are a couple of comments where Kate Upton has been praised for her freshness and youth and been accepted happily as the brand ambassador of Bobbi Brown. But those are rare. The Sports Illustrated bikini model will appear in ads for Bobbi Brown starting in July.

The brand itself has come forward and defended its choice of Kate Upton on the cover.

"Bobbi has centered her career around helping women of all ages celebrate their natural beauty - and that is what drove the decision to make Kate the face of our brand. It is also the inspiration behind the brand's ongoing Pretty Powerful campaign," writes Bobbi Brown on its Instagram page.

"A Pretty Powerful woman - like Kate - knows that when you enjoy life and feel good about yourself, there's no limit to what you can do," it added.

However the reply to Bobbi Brown's explanation has been worth listening to. Its customers believe that Kate does not have enough experience as is not a "woman" yet.

"Oh please! This girl is no woman! Her life experience is the size of a walnut. Bad choice and now that you have customer feedback you know it too!!," writes dcohen09 on Instagram.

What are your views? Did Bobbi Brown do the right thing to appoint Kate Upton as the new face of their brand? Or should they have just stuck to more mature Katie Holmes?

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