Blue, Pink and Half-Bald: Demi Lovato's Hair Transformations for 2014; Is Boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama Pleased?

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It is not such a long time ago that Demi Lovato wowed people with her electric blue hair, drawing in both criticisms and praises. It was only last week when people actually oohed and aahed over Demi Lovato's pink hair for her Neon Lights Tour. But now, the singer actress went one step further and shaved off half her head! She's half bald and half pink now and she loves it, at least she says so in Twitter.

The Internet world went abuzz when they saw what Demi Lovato posted on Tuesday night in Instragram with the caption,

"So.... This happened...... Oops. #NEONLIGHTSTOUR." The picture showed the singer actress' long pink hair lying on a heap on a table. Beside the hair must be the razor she used. If you want to see the hair she shaved off, check it here. Brave girl, some would say.

Aside from Instagram, and probably anticipating the reactions she will get to her new edgier look, Demi Lovato also aired her feelings about her hair and posted a picture of herself on Twitter. She said "IDGAF #NEONLIGHTSTOUR." For those not familiar with the term, IDGAF is short for "I don't give a f--k."  Demi Lovato's smile on the picture cannot even be any wider! She must really love her new hair.

Fans who are thinking of violently reacting to the "Let It Go" singer's new hair are probably only worried about her hunky boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama will think. According to Hollywood Life, fans need not worry, considering how the the lovebirds feel about each other. In fact, the two have been spotted a lot together these days. .

"Demi and Wilmer had dinner together at Magnolia Cafe South last night [Jan. 29] and they both looked incredibly happy," reports Hollywood Life. "They were just so obviously into each other, holding hands at the table and smiling non-stop, especially Demi. She's been here before and is always sweet and friendly, but last night she was glowing."

If you are missing Demi's old hair though, you can still catch a glimpse of it on last night's episode of "Glee," where she and Adam Lambert guest-starred in the hit TV series' episode entitled "Trio" and sang the Supreme's "The Happening."

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