A Bloody End for Rihanna at London Fashion Week [PHOTOS]

Crazed Fan Threw Bottle at Rihanna, the Singer Ended with Bloody Knee


Bajan singer, Rihanna must be realizing now the price she has to pay for staying in love with on-and-off boyfriend, R&B singer, Chris Brown as crazed fans continue to fling abusive words, sometimes hurting her, as she follows her heart.

A dazzling weekend for the “We Found Love” hit singer as she introduced her collection at London Fashion week, ended bloody, as she cut her knees when a U.K. energy drink called, Lucozade was thrown at her direction by a crazed fan, who was reportedly screaming at RiRi about beau, Chris.

TMZ is reporting that she was leaving a local club called, The Box when the unidentified fan threw the bottle, leaving Rihanna surprised and dumbfounded.

Though the bottle didn’t really end up hitting Rihanna, the 23-year-old singer has reportedly scraped her knee when she “brushed up against a metal shop grate,” noted TMZ.

A commotion led to Rihanna imbalance and she hit a metal shop gate, resulting in a scraped knee, with some blood oozing from it when photographers caught of the incident. Check out the pictures of bloodied Rihanna by Daily Mail.

Pictures of the incident showed Rihanna trying to clean her knees off the blood and trying to compose herself despite the abusive screams flinged at her by the unidentified fan outside of the exclusive nightspot in London.

Accompanied by Cara Delevingne Saturday after her designer debut, the Daily Mail noted that the 24-year-old singer looked “well-held together” following the incident.

The singer has been receiving rave reviews for the designs she debuted over the weekend. She flew to London without boyfriend Chris Brown and the two spent Valentine’s Day apart. Chris got himself busy with a scholarship he gave out at about the same time Rihanna flew to London.

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With seven Grammy awards and five American Music Awards, eighteen Billboard Music Awards and two Brit Awards, Rihanna has found herself venturing into design debuted at London Fashion Week over the weekend.

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