Blonde Beauties: Celebs Who Are Naturally Blonde [PHOTOS]

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Some of the hottest and brightest stars often associated with their red or raven hair are all secretly blonde. Changing hair color for the sake of a role, to win a part, or just for fun is all part of Hollywood. Discover the beauties who were naturally blonde.

Angelina Jolie - The A-list actress is known for her mysterious look, dark long locks paired with dark, smoky eyes. But the truth of the matter is, Angie is one blonde beauty.

Emma Stone - Often complimented with how her red hair matches perfectly with her skin tone and big round eyes but the "Easy A" star has natural platinum blonde hair.

Kristen Stewart - The "Twilight" star blends perfectly on screen with her long brunette locks. The star even went darker when she played the role of "Jett" in the movie "The Runaways" but apparently "Bella Swan" has golden colored hair.

Olivia Wilde - Her sexy eyes suits her dark manes perfectly but that rich dark hair color doesn't come naturally. Olivia's secret? Blonde hair.

Katy Perry - The hot singer is known for her ever changing hair color but what really is under all those pinks, blues, and black? The "California Girls" singer is a blonde by birth.

Leighton Meester - Serena Van Der Woodsen is not the only blonde girl in set of the CW TV series "Gossip Girl," her co-star known for her dark, curly, hair in the series is also a hot blonde.

Christina Hendricks - The voluptuous ginger head star with her distinct red hair is a blonde after all. The actress admits to coloring her hair since she was 10.

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