Blog Leaks Intel's Detailed Roadmap for 2013, Company Shows Plans after Haswell and Before Haswell-E

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Intel's Corp's detailed roadmap for 2013 was leaked through a blogsite: The blog showed slides of the desktop platform roadmap of the company. The slides show that Intel is not planning on releasing a microprocessor by the name Broadwell. The slides also provide an insight on what the company intends on doing with their higher-speed chips like Haswell and other desktop platforms.

The leaked roadmap also confirms some of the speculations that have been going around for quite some time now. Intel Corp is planning on introducing a new line of high-end desktop microprocessors. The LGA2011 form-factor series will be released in the third quarter of this year. The new series of high-end processors will provide a refreshed version of the mainstream desktop Core i-series "Haswell" microprocessor.

Intel will release the lineup in Q2 2014.

Earlier it was reported before; Intel is working on canning Rockwell processors to power desktops. Reports indicate that the company will be introducing the refreshed Haswell platform in the second quarter of next year. This platform will offer Intel 9-series chipsets and quicker Haswell chips. However, Intel will not proceed with the Rockwell processors running on 14nm process technology as it was speculated several months back.

The leading chip manufacturer plans on refreshing and revamping the company's entire lineup of central processing units for desktops. This will start with Core i7 all the way back to Celeron. Additionally, Intel will release an elusive line of Core i7-4771 processor in this year's third quarter. There is still a big mystery surrounding the chip especially since the company is not giving away that much.

The H81 chipset will also roll out in the upcoming quarter - plenty of things going on and to expect from the tech giant. Although reports cite that the refreshed lineup of Haswell chips will only provide slight performance boost, the introduction of the Intel 9-series chipsets will definitely make way for significant innovations.

The Intel 9-series chipsets will feature core-logic sets as Z97 and H97. There will also be derivatives and support for SATA Express interface allowing the use of high-speed storage devices. 

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