Blippar Glass: Google Glass Gets New AR and Ads Perspective

By @judithaparri on

Google Glass has been added with augmented reality (AR) advertising and image recognition by Blippar called Blippar Glass. MWC 2014 saw this app displayed.

Augmented reality has always been a cool technology, yet it seems to be not totally tapped for now. Google Glass picks up the steam, just like AR apps.

Augmented reality apps have been used mostly as advertisement for big corporations, but it can also be applied to multimedia, interactive and gaming experiences. Blippar is a mobile app which lets users explore interactive ads via image recognition and AR. It is a cool AR ad application which has been in iOS, BlackBerry, Android and Windows devices for a while. At the recently concluded MWC 2014 in Barcelona, Spain, Blippar announced that it will offer Google Glass an app.

The technology of image recognition makes it possible for Blippar to identify which ads can be compatible with it. When user scans the ad's image, an AR sequence appears in their vision line. The ads can have games to play, quizzes to take and fun promotions. Blippar has done numerous campaigns such as for Covergirl, Heinz and Wheaties.

Ambarish Mitra, Blippar CEO believes that AR has a big potential and Google Glass can help it advance further, even if the technology is still new. Glass can be compared to what mobile devices were in the early nineties, Mitra said.  Blippar expects that if there will be millions of Glass users on its first year, it will be a great business opportunity for them to develop in the area. Blippar is banking on Glass' potential.

Blippar presented their recent app at MWC 2014 on a Google Glass pair. The demo illustrated how Blippar can recognize products, images and people's faces so quickly. It also showed AR sequences which appeared cooler than when they appear in tablets and smartphones. Augmented reality is quite convincing when watching it at a detached onlooker on a screen. However, looking at it through Google Glass gives a different viewing experience, as if you are staring at a 3D mirage before you.

Blippar's demo at MWC 2014 showed a Glass user who got into games from an ad and played it. That gave us a clue what would happen next to the AR technology. AR gaming will be incredible when Google Glass will tap the big potential of the gaming industry soon.

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