Blake Griffin Will Not Hesitate to Slap Justin Bieber If Needed

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Think Blake Griffin can never hurt Justin Bieber? Think again.

Back in early February, some silly rumors circulated online that Blake Griffin slapped Justin Bieber after the young controversial singer allegedly threatened a Starbucks barista and the Clippers forward witnessed the degrading act. The rumors were proved untrue, but Twitter had a field day with it.

A news report that explicitly claimed it is giving a satire claimed that Justin Bieber was shirtless and pantless when the LA Clippers star Blake Griffin smacked him around after the singer threatened a Starbucks barista. Even though it was stated as a satire, this did not stop the haters from still posting hate messages against Bieber, some bordering on hilarious. Some sports blogs also added to the damage by picking this satire news and running it as real news. Fans who read it thanked Griffin from being a hero and hitting Justin Bieber. But as said, none of it were true.

Just thinking about Griffin slapping Justin Bieber is enough to bring in the guffaws but Griffin said it is hardly as impossible as everyone thinks. He will slap Justin Bieber if he did indeed see the young singer threaten someone, especially a barista.

According to a Rolling Stone interview, Griffin will not hesitate in slapping Justin Bieber if he actually saw Bieber being threatening and disrespectful to a barista. "If he was tormenting a Starbucks barista, yeah, I'd have to," he said. "As a citizen, you do your part. Also, it's a way of giving back to the baristas for never really leaving a tip."

Good to know that someone would actually step up to a celebrity and defend an ordinary citizen when needed. Only a few are brave enough to do so. Of course, we wish no such thing will happen.

Aside from this Justin Bieber bit, Griffin shared a lot of funny stuff on the particular interview. He talked about this role in The Dictator, his pubic hair and even the fart that he let loose shortly before dunking all over Timofey Mozgov a few years ago. The entire Q&A can be read here.

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