Blake Bortles Girlfriend Lindsey Duke: Instagram Model's Rising Fame Going Down? [PHOTOS]

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While Blake Bortles might just be one of the hottest commodities at the NFL draft in May, it appears that the coaches are more interested about his model girlfriend, Lindsey Duke. However, reports say even her rising fame seems to be wearing off.  

Duke is widely known for her provocative pictures on Instagram, showing her in sexy bikinis at the beach. These photos are supposedly making a bigger sensation out of her than Bortles. According to the NFL Web site, Bortles was asked awkward questions during the NFL Indianapolis scouting convo. The University of Central Florida's quarterback was even asked if his girlfriend was available for dinner and with her growing fan base, it was speculated that her looks earned him an invite in the NFL Draft. See photos here

However, NFL analyst Bucky Brooks is said to believe that Bortles will stay at the draft for long. Brooks supposedly pegged the University of Central Florida prospect to decrease to no. 20 against the Arizona Cardinals. "The Cardinals need a young quarterback to succeed Carson Palmer in a year or more," Brooks stated. "Bortles is the right fit for Bruce Arian's system and he undoubtedly will benefit from a year on the sidelines before he gets thrust into action."

Bortles said it is possible that the coaches have identified Duke's growing fame as a potential weakness that's why they made awkward comments to see how he would react to it. On and of the field, Bortles does not appear to be fazed by his girlfriend's fame. "Apparently she is more of a household name than I am. She is more famous than me and there is nothing I can do about it," Bortles told ESPN. Bortles gets 225,000 results when Googled but Duke returns more than 6 million.

Bortles and Duke have been a couple since they were in high school. They attended prom together and went to the same university. Duke is about to graduate college in 2014 and many have been wondering if she will be offered many TV and modeling gigs just like Katherine Webb, Miss Alabama 2012, who cheered on her boyfriend of one month A.J. McCarron in the stands.

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