‘The Blacklist’ Spoilers/Preview Episode 15: Did Tom Cheat on Liz in ‘The Judge’? [VIDEO]

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The Episode 15 of "The Blacklist" is called "The Judge." Dianne Wiest is reportedly going to guest-star in this episode, as a head of an organisation that is against death penalty. According to the synopsis of the episode, the Judge runs a criminal, underground organisation, which sentences people who have wrongly convicted others.

The preview of "The Judge" hints at Jolene and Tom making out. In the previous episode, work stops Liz from going with Tom to Orlando. Tom is disappointed and hurt, and leaves alone to attend the teacher's conference in Orlando. He meets Jolene at the conference. Jolene and Tom getting physically intimate might act the final nail in Tom and Liz's already falling apart relationship.

 Jolene, the substitute teacher, has a secret of own. Red is set to take the help of one of his assets, the Cowboy, played by Lance Reddick, to find Jolene's truth. According to T.V Guide, shocking revelations will come to the fore, which will shock Red, as well.

In "Madeline Pratt," a special agent arrives from D.C and tells Cooper to stop investigating into the disappearance of Diane Follower, and it an order from the top. The preview clip shows Cooper telling someone that there is a problem and they need to contain it.

The preview says that a truth will be revealed and Red can be seen saying that "a war is coming." Tom's truth, if there is one, needs to be revealed, now, as he as a character is fast losing the intrigue and interesting tags.


Official Synopsis of "The Blacklist" Episode 11, "The Judge,": "When a prominent Prosecutor is found after being missing for 12 years, Red is going to believe that this is the work of Ruth Kipling also known as "The Judge." Only a myth, the Judge runs an underground criminal appeals process in which those who have wrongly imprisoned and punished others are judged and punished themselves. In the meantime, Red will investigate the woman who tempts Tom while in Orlando at a teacher's conference."

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