‘The Blacklist’ Spoilers: Will Tom Shoot Liz in Season Finale?

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It is wrap-up time for "The Blacklist" Season 1. This Monday, it is the first part of the two-part season finale, titled "Berlin." The preview of the penultimate episode has cleared the confusion that Berlin is a person and has nothing to do with a place. Tom had inserted himself in Liz's life because that is what Berlin expected him to do and had ordered. The latest buzz is that Berlin will order Tom to kill Liz.

According to TV Guide's Mega Buzz, Tom has orders from Berlin to kill Liz. The spoiler, however, does not reveal whether Tom will do as ordered, or not. In one of the previous episodes, Tom said to Liz that he is the good guy and had no intention to hurt her. Also, Tom's fake brother Craig had alluded to Tom having real feelings for Liz. There is a possibility that the real feelings may stop Tom from pulling the trigger.  But, the man is capable of killing, as was shown when he had put an end to Jolene and Cowboy's life.

When asked whether Tom has real feelings for Liz, Jon Bokenkamp, creator of "The Blacklist," said to TV Guide, "I think it's something that we are not ignoring. You can't live with somebody for as long as they lived together and have a life together, whether it's pretend or not, and not in some way have some truth to it, some truth to the relationship."

In the finale episodes, the viewers can expect to see Tom's world and it will be revealed who is his handler and what is his purpose and mission. Meanwhile, Red will come to know the real identity of Berlin, the person who has been targeting his assets, interests and infrastructure for some time. TV Guide reports that Berlin is behind some of the major Blacklisters that FBI took down with the help of Red.

"You will see some larger reasoning behind the cases that we want to reveal," Bokenkamp said. "Ultimately we will be delivering some pretty compelling and satisfying answers. Again, those answers may raise more questions, but we're certainly not afraid of the truths behind the mythology of the show."

He also indicated that a character may not survive the finale. "Everyone in our show is going to find themselves in a rather precarious situation by the end of the season. I would hope every episode you're bracing yourself to mourn for somebody you know," Bokenkamp said. 

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