‘The Blacklist’ Spoilers: Someone to Die; Synopsis of Episode 19 and Episode 20

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"The Blacklist" returns on Monday, April 21, with new episodes. The upcoming episodes promise to be full of new twists and revelations. Also, someone is going to die before the season finale.

E! Online reports that there is a "major death" before the season one finale, and the person who is most impacted by this death is Agent Ressler. The spoiler does not reveal who will die.

This is the second time that someone close to Agent Ressler will die. The question is whose death will impact Agent Ressler, as he has not been shown particularly close to anyone inside FBI, or outside his professional world [except Audrey]. Liz and Agent Ressler are growing close, but writers are not going to kill one of the main characters.       

In one of the previous episodes, Agent Ressler lost his girlfriend, Audrey, and her death has made him erratic, and unafraid of consequences.   

Meanwhile, it looks like the death of his fake brother has alerted Tom, as he disappears from Liz's life. The disappearance of Tom from her life will make Liz confess to the FBI. According to TV Guide Media Buzz, Liz will tell FBI that Tom, her husband, was planted in her life and the marriage was a charade.     

In the upcoming episode, viewers are likely to see more of Tom and his real identity. TV Guide says that that all the answers related to Tom would lift the lid on a bigger conspiracy.  

"We'll just say this: Everything is connected," TV Media Guide says.

"The Blacklist" Synopsis of Episode 19 "The Pavlovich Brothers":

"The Pavlovich brothers specialize in abductions of high value targets and according to Red, they are planning their next hit. While the team tries to protect the next target, Red has a job of his own for the Pavlovich Brothers. Elsewhere, Liz patiently tries to uncover the truth about Tom."

"The Blacklist" Synopsis of Episode 20 "The Kingmaker":

"After a Politician in Prague is framed for a murder, Red suspects it's the work of The Kingmaker -- a strategist behind the rise of some of the world's most powerful politicians. While Red helps Liz and the FBI catch him, Liz uncovers a secret that Red's been keeping from her."

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