‘The Blacklist’ Spoilers: Jolene’s Mystery to be Revealed

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"The Blacklist" returns after the Olympics, with Episode 14, titled "Madeline Prat." This episode will feature Jennifer Ehle as a "formidable" businesswoman, Madeline Prat, who has a past history with Red. Madeline Prat is the new name that Red discloses to the FBI from his blacklist.      

In episode 13 of "The Blacklist," Jolene/Lucy Brooks was introduced as a substitute teacher. As a result of incessant issues cropping-up in Tom and Liz's relationship, Tom is getting emotionally close to Jolene. TV Guide's report has hinted that Jolene has a link to one of the blacklist men introduced in the previous episodes.

As reported earlier, Lance Reddick has been roped-in to guest star as one of Red's assets. He is called the "Cowboy." According to TV Guide, Jolene is the assignment that Red gives this asset in the upcoming episode. The report says that Jolene mystery will no longer be a secret. The assignment will throw-up shocking results, which will shock Red, according to TV Guide

"The Blacklist" is full of mysteries and secrets. The mystery-secret box of "The Blacklist" may explode if some these mysteries/secrets are not revealed. The list of mystery starts with why Red picked Liz and no else when he surrendered himself to FBI. There seems to be a connection between the two, but what is that connection. Red murdered Liz's foster father when the latter decided to tell the truth to Liz. Red has told Liz a couple of times that he is not her father, but he can do anything to protect her. There is mystery surrounding what happened to Red's family and why Red became a criminal. There is mystery attached to Liz's past and Agent Ressler's, as well. Plus, there is a big question mark about Tom's real identity.

The list is a never ending one, and Jolene's revelation will thankfully gives the viewers a respite from wondering about all the mysteries, trying to figure out who is related to who, who is fake, who can be trusted, and who cannot be, and what is a character's real motive.    

The episode 15, "The Judge" will feature veteran actress Dianne Wiest. Her character will be heading an organisation, Amnesty United, that is against death penalty.  

The Episode 14 is scheduled to air on Feb. 24, 2014. 

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