‘The Blacklist’ Spoilers Episode 20: Liz, Agent Ressler Moment and ‘Berlin’ Mystery to be Revealed

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The recent episodes of "The Blacklist" have established Tom Keen as one of the bad guys of the show. However, this bad guy's real identity, motive and his handler's identity are still wrapped in mystery.  The real identity of Tom Keen is entwined with the mystery of 'Berlin'.  If the 'Berlin' egg is cracked open and its secrets revealed, one may also get to see the real picture of Tom. And, it looks like viewers will not have to wait too long to see the curtain rising on 'Berlin,' revealing Tom's real face and his handler's, as well.  

E! Online reports that episode 20 of 'The Blacklist' is titled "Berlin." This episode will "feature a whole lot of Tom," according to the spoiler report.

It is hard to imagine Tom Keen, without his glasses. They make him look like an innocent, harmless school teacher.  E! Online reveals that the upcoming episode "Berlin" has an "awesome moment" where Tom's glasses have a role to play.

In episode 19, which is titled "The Pavlovich Brothers," Tom will disappear from Liz's life. Liz was just a professional assignment and target for Tom, but for Liz, he was the man she fell in love with and married.  She is likely to show all the symptoms of a heart-broken woman. Red can be expected to provide her practical advice, bereft of emotions. But, the practical advice to hunt Tom and find all about him needs to be balanced with emotional words and support.  It looks like Agent Ressler will be the one to provide that much needed emotional band-aid.  

E! Online reveals that in episode "Berlin," there is a "significant moment" between Liz and Agent Ressler. "The Blacklist" writers did pave the way for these two to bond when they killed Agent Ressler's girl, Audrey, too early in the show. Two grieving people can grow closer to each other and become best, empathetic pals. And, there is an opportunity for love to bloom, as well.   

"The Blacklist" returns on April 21, 2014, with a new episode.

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