‘The Blacklist’ Spoilers, Casting Scoop: A New Character to Shock Red

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"The Blacklist" has been lucky when it comes to actors agreeing to do an episode or two as guest-stars. The latest actor to guest-star is Lance Reddick, as one of Red's assets.

According to TV Guide's report, Lance Reddick has been roped in to guest-star in one of the upcoming episodes. He will portray the role of "The Cowboy." TV Guide report describes this cowboy as one of the many assets of Red. When given a task to accomplish, Reddick's character is likely to shock Red, with the result. It must be something beyond drastic to shock Red.

Reddick's character will appear in the same as Dianne West. It was recently reported by TV Line that Dianne is joining the cast of "The Blacklist" for episode 15, "The Judge." The report described her character as "sympathetic" and "kind." She will be heading Amnesty Organisation that fights against the death penalty.

The new episodes of "The Blacklist" might throw more light on Red's dark past. It may also reveal the trigger point, which made Red a hardened criminal from a person working for a government agency. Liz's relationship with Tom is not going to be the same, again. These two are likely to drift apart, slowly. Tom's growing friendship with Jolene may speed-up this drift. Now that the mole, Diane, has been put to rest, one can expect new developments at the post-office. The episode 13 has laid base for some exciting twists to unfold in the upcoming episodes of "The Blacklist."     

To watch a new episode, the avid viewers of "The Blacklist" will have to wait for the Winter Olympics to get over, as episode 14 is scheduled to air on February 24, 2014. The episode 14 is titled "Madeline Pratt." According to NBC's brief synopsis of the upcoming episode, "a femme fatale from Red's past sets the FBI on a snipe hunt, requiring Liz to use hidden talents."  

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