‘The Blacklist’ Season Finale ‘Berlin’-Conclusion [Episode 22] Review/Recap: Liz Shoots Tom

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"Berlin," the final episode of "The Blacklist," has wrapped-up, leaving behind a trail of questions. As reported previously, the final episode of the first season provides a certain direction for the second season. Mr. Berlin reveals his face but the episode keeps the wall of mystery surrounding his motive and identity intact. He is likely to continue being the main antagonist in Season 2. It is a bloody episode but there are emotions, as well. "Berlin" is the kind of season finale that makes one very curious about the upcoming season. However, it does not satisfy, as one wants to see more and know more.    

Plus, the finale adds more mysteries to the already long list of "The Blacklist" mysteries. Here is the RECAP of "The Blacklist" Finale, Episode 22, "Berlin":

The plane crashes near East River. Some prisoners are taken into custody, while some have escaped. Meanwhile, Red has also been taken into custody and the FBI plans to keep him locked-up, without a trial or announcing to the world about his arrest. The FBI man asks Red if Liz is worth it all. Red says that she is worth it.

The arrested prisoners are being interrogated and they talk about a man who has cut a hand. A bearded, old man enters a hospital and collapses. One of his hands has been chopped-off.

Liz wants to be on the case. She believes Berlin was on the plane that crashed. She tells Cooper that Red's help is needed. But, Cooper cannot do much. Red does help the team after Fitch gives him a chance to escape.

Fitch visits Red and figures out that whatever has happened is because of Red's adversary. Red blames him for not listening to him. Fitch arranges for his transfer. Red grabs the opportunity and escapes from the car in which he is being transferred.

Afterwards, Red calls up Liz and tells her that the entire team on the task force is a target. Before this conversation happens, Tom hands the list of the names, who are working on the task force, to a man. When Ressler and Malik go looking for a possible suspect in a night club, someone slits Malik's throat and she dies.

Liz visits Red at his place. She gives him the news of Malik's death. Red reveals that Berlin was one of the reasons that he surrendered to FBI. The work that Red and the task force have done has forced Berlin to come out of the shadows, and thus he wants to decimate the FBI team that is hunting for him.

The two also talk about Sam. Liz wants to know how Sam is connected to whatever is happening. Red tells that Sam is a piece of a puzzle but without having all the pieces, Liz will be unable to understand it.

Berlin was not the only prisoner on the prisoner transport plane and whoever wanted Berlin must have wanted the other prisoners on the plane, as well. During interrogation of the prisoners, Russia comes-up. Cooper sends Red to get the prisoners' manifest from the Russian ambassador. He does that in his signature intimidating style.

The FBI team goes to meet the man, who is said to be the guard on the plane, and he tells them a story about a KGB man, after saying that there was no one called Berlin on the plane. The KGB Berlin had a daughter who fell in love with a dissident. When he arranged for his daughter to escape, he was sent to solitary confinement in Siberia. He started receiving body parts of his daughter and one day, he used one of his daughter's remains to escape the prison and hunt for the person who was responsible for his daughter's death. The guard adds that the person they are looking for is not in the manifest.

Cooper is struggling for his life in a hospital after an assassin strangled him in his car. Before getting in his car, Cooper met the FBI man who told him bring back Liz and Red onboard, again and his task force can continue to exist. The FBI man drops hints of powerful people who want Red to be out, but he does not provide details to a very curious Cooper.

Red meets Fitch and seeks his help to locate Berlin. Afterwards, Liz meets Red and she insists on knowing about her foster father Sam. He shares the outline of Liz's story. One night, a friend knocked at Sam's door and gave him Liz, telling that her father died in a fire. As the friend had to run, he asked Sam to take care of the little girl. The only memory Liz has of her father is how he saved her from the fire but the fire consumed him. Red also tells Liz that he cannot tell the name of her father, as the revelation of his identity will put her in danger. He killed Sam to stop him from revealing the name, though he loved him and it pained him to kill him.

Red gets the address of the man called Berlin. Reaching the room, he gets the better of the man and ties him up. Red wants to from Berlin why he was targeting him, as Red cannot recall that they ever crossed paths or he ever harmed him. Berlin is not ready to talk but says that it is thanks to his weakness, Elizabeth Keen, Red is there.  However, the man mentions an incident after Red shoots at his leg and threatens to shoot at his knee cap.

Tom enters the room with Liz. He is holding her at gun point. The man called Berlin orders Tom to kill Liz. Red kills the man and Tom fires at Red. A fight ensues between Liz and Tom. Tom gets a bullet in his stomach and Liz fires more shot at him. Tom slumps down and Red wants to make sure he is dead. Liz stops Red, saying that she will do it. Red leaves and Liz sits down, with concern. Tom says that he is sorry and whispers something in her ear. Later when the police arrive, they find the body of the man while Tom is not there.     

Aram figures out that the guard, who cut his own hand, is Berlin. There was a mark on his hand like other prisoners. When Ressler and Liz reach his hospital room, they find that he has already escaped after killing a couple of people.

Red knows that the man he killed is not Berlin. He tells Liz that he wants Berlin to believe that he is not looking for him. Red also tells Liz that like her foster father, she also has two choices. Red plans to leave on a plane that night.

The real Berlin shaves-off his beard. He opens a pocket-watch and looks at a photo of a girl in it, which is likely to be his daughter. In a hospital room, Ressler is happy to see Cooper's hand move. Liz is closing the door of her house, while Red is stepping out of his house to catch his plane. Liz arrives to meet him.

The two of them talk and Liz reveals to him what Tom whispered in her ear before he passed away. He told Liz that her father is alive. Red tells her not to believe that, as her father died in the fire.

Berlin is out on the street, with his pocket watch. Red too has a photo of the same girl. Later when he removes his shirt to tend to his wound, one can see the scar marks from a fire on his body. 

"Berlin" Conclusion is a perfect ending to a season that started with a bang. Hopefully, the second season is not as inconsistent as the first season.  

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