The Blacklist Season 2 Update: New Season to Explore Identity of Liz's Mother, A Big Break and a New Day of Return Post-Mid Season Finale

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The first season of "The Blacklist," which was loaded with mysteries, made the viewers speculate all the time about the relationship between Liz and Red. There was -- and there is still -- much speculation about whether Red is Liz's father and if he is not her father, he must be a friend or enemy of her father. Liz's father story is complicated and neither she nor the audience is closer to finding out the identity of her biological father. The one person, however, who has been missing from all the speculations and from Liz's thoughts, as well, is Liz's mother. The questions about Liz's mother were never asked, as she has remained completely out of picture. "The Blacklist" Season 2 is set to correct that, as it is going to focus on Liz's mother, as well.

TV Guide reports that the upcoming season of "The Blacklist" will explore the identity of Liz's mother. Speaking about Liz's mindset in Season 2, John Eisendrath, executive producer of the show, said to TV Guide, "If the part about my [Liz] dad wasn't true, what is the truth, if any, that I need to learn about my mom?"

The report also reveals that the premiere episode of "The Blacklist" Season 2 will not pick-up right where it left off in the first season. There is a small time jump. The two-episode Season 1 finale introduced Berlin as the man who has been trying to destroy Red and the latter surrendered to the FBI and made a deal with them in order to tackle this unknown, mysterious enemy. Berlin and Red did not meet each other in the first season. Also, the FBI failed to arrest him.

Eisendrath has confirmed that Berlin is returning in Season 2, as the main antagonist. Berlin's story-arc may run till the first part of Season 2. Eisendrath said to TV Guide that Berlin is there as the "main villain" in the "first portion of the year."     

"The Blacklist" Season 2 is scheduled to premiere in the U.S. on Monday, September 22, 2014. Zap2it reports that there will be a big break after the mid-season finale and "The Blacklist" will return on Thursdays, on a new time, in 2015. The first half of the Season 2 will consist of 9 episodes and then the show will take a break of two and half months before returning on Thursdays.

According to the report, this is a decision that has been taken because of the lengthy production schedules to shoot episodes. Zap2it quoted Bob Greenblatt, chairman of NBC Entertainment, as saying, "To do a show like this, which is an enormous production, is going to take eight or nine days [of filming],". ... If you just do the math, you run out of time to make the show and have post-production time for it. Delivering eight or nine episodes in any fall is really difficult."

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