The Blacklist Season 2 Update: Boone Says Red, Liz Relationship a Love Story

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One of the highlights of "The Blacklist" Season 1 has been the mystery surrounding Red and Liz's relationship. Red refused to tell anyone, including Liz, how he and Liz are related. The upcoming Season 2 will continue to explore Red and Liz's relationship. 

Speaking to Gold Derby about Red and Liz, Megan Boone, who plays Liz in the show, said "they are both kind of linked, for better or worse and I think when we leave season one it's for worse. He's someone she can't trust but he seems to have a deep undying love for her that she can't justify or understand. That's where we leave them in season one."

Talking about how the relationship between the two will evolve, Boone said that she thinks that Red and Liz's story is a love story because Liz is "so alone and so ambiguous as a human being there's something in the audience that wants her to find a place and find a person that she can rely on."

"So I think the payoff, and the only payoff you could see is that she ends up finding that person," she added. Boone considers Red a "really positive thing" for her character. She said that "even the pain he's put her through opens her eyes to the truth."

" ... what Red represents in her life is  the ultimate challenge and on the other side of each little challenge in the Reddington obstacle course is a new gift, a new answer and revelation for Lizzie."

Meanwhile, Mike Ostrowski has inked a deal with Sony, according to He will be joining "The Blacklist" for Season 2 as a co-executive producer.  Deadline reports that Ostrowski's series credits include popular shows such as "CSI: Miami," "Jericho," "Private Practice," "Human Target" and "Being Human."

Amir Arison, who plays Aram, the tech guy at the FBI, has been promoted as a series regular for the upcoming season.  

"The Blacklist" is scheduled to return on September 22, 2014 for Season 2. The first season of the show wrapped-up with the revelation that it was to take on Berlin and to find out his identity that Red surrendered to FBI in the pilot episode. Berlin is set to return as the main antagonist in Season 2.   

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