‘The Blacklist’ Season 2: Tom Keen Likely to Return

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Is Tom Keen dead or alive? This mystery seems to have nudged Liz and Red's relationship mystery to the second spot in the list of "The Blacklist" top ten popular, unsolved mysteries. There is a possibility that he may return in Season 2.     

In the first season finale, "Berlin-Conclusion," Liz shot her ex-husband. Tom appeared dead after whispering in Liz's ear that her father is alive. Afterwards when the cops arrived at the spot, they did not find Tom's body.    

In an interview with TV Guide, Jon Bokenkamp, creator of "The Blacklist," did not reveal whether Tom is still alive, but he expressed hope that Tom returns in Season 2.

When asked will Tom be back in the upcoming season, Bokenkamp said, "I hope so. Honestly, that's one thing that I'm not entirely sure how he will or may or could even weave into her life because it does feel like such a conclusion that this man entered her life, had a role to play and he's now gone."

"That said, I loved the character and I love Ryan. There's something really compelling about the stories that we've been able to tell with him. I'm hoping we can surprise ourselves with that."

"The Blacklist" Season 1 revealed that Tom wooed and married Liz because that is what Berlin asked him to do and she was a target because of her link with Red. It did not tell Tom's real name, his real identity and why he became one of Berlin men. Also, the season finale did not provide a clear answer to whether Tom fell in love with Liz while doing his job. There are plenty of unanswered questions attached to Tom and only he, alive or as a ghost, can answer them.    

Ryan Eggold, who plays Tom Keen in "The Blacklist," had said that the viewers will get to learn about Tom and Liz's courtship period in the next season, which almost confirms that he will be back in Season 2.

When Pop Sugar had asked Eggold if viewers will get to learn about Liz and Tom's courtship in Season 1, he had said, "Yeah. Not this season. I'm telling you - I thought we were going to get more, but it's all next year."

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