‘The Blacklist’ Season 2: Red, Liz Relationship Status

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Red and Liz's relationship status is the biggest mystery of "The Blacklist." In the pilot episode, Red surrendered to the FBI and struck a deal with them. There was only one condition he would only talk to Elizabeth Keen. Since then, there has been much speculation about how Liz is related to Red. The most common assumption is that Red is Liz's father. A couple of times Red has told Liz that he is not her father. Jon Bokenkamp, creator of "The Blacklist," also has said that Red and Liz are not related as father and daughter.  

In Season 1 Finale, "Berlin-Conclusion," Red talked about the fire that killed Liz's father and he also said that Liz's life will be in danger if she finds out about her father's identity. The closing moments of Season 1 showed fire scar-marks on Red's back, which kind of confirmed that Red was there during the fire. It also added more fuel to the theory that Red is Liz's father. Responding to this, Bokenkamp has said that it would seem that Red was there during the fire but that does not mean he is Liz's father.

"All I would say is that Red was obviously there during that fire," Bokenkamp said to TV Guide. "Or so it would seem. Don't think it means he's her father -- he has said no to that question, after all."

It is unlikely that "The Blacklist" writers will disclose the relationship status of Liz and Red in the premiere episode of Season 2. It is 'the mystery' of "The Blacklist" and writers are in no hurry to take the viewers to the last page. Meanwhile, a dying Tom whispered in Liz's ear that her father is alive. Red, however, said to Liz that it is not true and her father is dead. Tom's whisper has made the father mystery more complicated, as one cannot completely trust Red and his version of the truth. Everyone will be curious to know the real version of the truth. 

The latest news is that Amir Arison, who plays Aram, the tech wizard of FBI, has been promoted as a series regular. Aram was a recurring character in Season 1.  

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