'The Blacklist' 'The Pavlovich Brothers' Review/Recap: Tom Says He is the Good Guy, Red is Not

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"The Pavlovich Brothers," episode 19, is one of the rare episodes of "The Blacklist" that hits more right notes than wrong ones. The focus of this episode is on Liz trying to find the truth about her husband, Tom Keen. He disappears from her life and then reappears -- thanks to Red's deal with the Pavlovich Brothers -- to tell Liz that he is the good guy and Red is the nut case -- not literally --.and disappears from her sight, again. Tom's words are a reminder that Red has an ulterior motive and like Tom, he is not telling Liz the complete truth.  It has been established that Red is not the good guy, but this episode plants the seed that he picked Liz perhaps to use her in his devious revenge mission.

Here is the Recap of "The Blacklist" Episode 19 "The Pavlovitch Brothers":     

The Pavlovitch Brothers land in Washington D.C.  from Siberia to courier back a Chinese scientist, who specialises in viral and bacterial diseases and knows the design of China's germ warfare program.  She had been charged with treason after she had contacted the U.S. official. The CIA's undercover team had successfully extracted her from a labour camp in China.

Meanwhile at Liz's house, Tom is asking Liz about Jolene's case, as it has become a murder investigation.  Liz is making a copy of Tom's keys while he is looking for them. The two, however, keep the game of deception going. Later, Red informs Liz that Tom killed Jolene. He did not tell Liz about it because if she knew, she would not have been able to act normal in front of Tom. Red believes that Jolene and Tom worked for the same organisation. However, he has no clue why Tom killed Jolene. Red wants Liz to wait and watch.

Red also informs Liz that Pavlovitch Brothers are back. This team of brothers are known for their expertise in snatch and grab. The FBI team gather around their favourite spot to discuss the case. Mallik informs Cooper, Liz and Ressler about the Chinese scientist and that a team is waiting for her arrival to escort her for debriefing. Cooper wants his team to bring the scientist to the post-office.

Pavlovitch Brothers, however, abduct the scientist before the FBI team arrives at the location.  Liz and Ressler see them taking away their asset in a helicopter.

Red calls Liz to inform that Tom did not go to work. Liz makes an excuse at the post-office that Red has a lead about Pavlovitch Brothers and rushes-off to meet him. Sitting inside a car, the two watch Tom, and when he gets-up and starts walking, Red's men follow him. Tom goes inside The National Archives and a man follows, keeping a watch on him. Liz, however, loses her patience and gets out of the car and follows Tom inside the building. She sees him with a man who has a green package in his hand. Tom feels that someone is watching him and tells the man "not now" and walks away, without the completing the transaction.

Afterwards at home, Tom asks Liz if she was at The National Archive. Liz denies being there. Tom opens the door to take the dog for a walk. The dog returns, while Tom walks out of Liz's life. He calls-up someone from a pay-phone and tells that Liz knows about him and that he wants immediate evacuation.   

Liz is devastated because she fell in love with him.  She tells Red that Tom made her feel happy and safe. Red tells her that she was just work for Tom. Liz is done with patience and is determined to find answers, with or without Red's help.

Red has every intention to help. He first tracks down Jeffrey, the man whom Tom met at The National Archives and finds out that the man knew nothing about Tom and his organisation. Jeffrey just had the task of dropping and picking-up books.

The FBI team zero-in on a location where Pavlovitch Brothers may have kept the Chinese scientist. Again, they are late in reaching the spot. It is Red who reaches the spot before them and makes a deal with the brothers. They had put the scientist in a coffin, with an oxygen mask, to ship her out of the U.S. and back to China.

Liz goes to the house and finds Pavlovitch Brothers and Tom -- who is sitting tied-up in a chair. Red had enlisted the help of the brothers' gang to find Tom and present him in front of Liz. Once they leave the house, Liz gets to grilling Tom. The man is not in a mood to reveal anything and just says that he was doing his job.  The woman is in a mood to make him talk. She uses a spanner to break his thumb. Tom is able to free himself and attacks Liz. Liz hits back but it is Tom who wins this round and asks her to cuff herself to the stairs.

Before leaving the house, Tom tells her that he had no intention to hurt her and his job was never to hurt her. He also adds that he is one of the good guys and Red is not who Liz thinks he is. Tom gives her the box number, which is kept in Bradford Bank, and tells her to use the key that she had found. He hints that that the box contains evidence that will reveal Red's real face.  

Red sees Tom walk out of Liz's house and two of his people start following him.  Red wants to see what Tom is up to. The FBI team manage to save the scientist and kill the Pavlovitch Brothers.  

Liz opens the box and she is looking at some photographs. There is a hint of surprise and the episode ends.

The highlight of the episode was Liz and Tom's fight. It was a good episode if one ignores the presence of the FBI team. The FBI set-up is giving the impression of a free-loader, with no intelligence and tools to capture culprits and solve a case. It is Red who is always ready with information and scoops.

The episode does not provide any answer related to Tom. It, however, tries to project Tom as someone who is good. In the earlier episodes, Red used to warn Liz about Tom. In this episode, Tom warns Liz that Red is not who she thinks he is. Liz is caught between two men who are pointing finger at each other.

Ryan Eggold is good in the episode. James Spader is brilliant as always.  But, Megan Boone disappoints. The actress is unable to make her character come to life.  

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