'The Blacklist': Liz, Agent Ressler Unlikely To Pair-Up Soon In Season 2

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"The Blacklist" Season 2 will see the deepening of Liz and Agent Ressler's relationship, but these two are unlikely to pair-up, immediately. Liz, however, is going to be there for him and support him.

Liz and Agent Ressler of "The Blacklist" started on a cold note, but as the Season 1 progressed they opened-up and started trusting each other. Their 'respective' relationships ended on a devastating note in the last season. Agent Ressler's girl was killed, while Liz's marriage turned out to be a sham. Liz's husband Tom Keen was revealed as a deadly imposter who was inserted in her life by Red's enemy, Berlin.

TV Guide reports that the producers want to first explore the character of Agent Ressler before putting Liz and him in the relationship bracket. John Eisendrath, the executive producer of the show, said to TV Guide that by spending more time to know the man, they will "him in emotionally vulnerable places."

"By putting him in those positions, it will give Liz an opportunity to reach out to him and support him in a way that will deepen their relationship," Eisendrath said.

TV Guide says that Agent Ressler's methods to cope-up with the death of his girl are likely to be a major "turn-off."   

Meanwhile, there is much suspense surrounding the status of Tom: whether he is dead or alive. Liz shot him in the presence of Red, and as soon as he left the room, Liz went to check on Tom. The fake husband whispered something -- that Liz's father is alive -- and passed out. When police team came to the spot, there was no trace of Tom's body. This has triggered speculations that Liz may have saved Tom's life.

Just after Season 1 wrapped-up, Bokenkamp said to TV Guide that he hopes that Tom returns, as he loves the character and the actor playing it. However, he was not sure about how to "weave" him back in to Liz's life, as it "does feel like such a conclusion that this man entered her life, had a role to play and he's now gone."

"... There's something really compelling about the stories that we've been able to tell with him [Tom]. I'm hoping we can surprise ourselves with that," Bokenkamp told TV Guide.

"The Blacklist" Season 2 is scheduled to premiere on Sept. 22 in the U.S.  

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