‘The Blacklist’ Episode 22 ‘Berlin’ [Part-2 Season Finale] Preview/Spoilers: Liz to Get Red Out of Custody [VIDEO]

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The mysterious Berlin arrived in the penultimate episode of "The Blacklist" Season 1, but remained a mystery. It seems Berlin is waiting for the season finale to emerge from the shadows of mystery and reveal his or her identity and motive. The season finale is set to be an explosive one.

The first part of the season finale, "Berlin," revealed that Red had surrendered before the FBI so that he could use their resources and protection to survive. Red was finding it difficult to deal with the powerful, mysterious enemy, all alone. He used FBI's task force to eliminate some of Berlin's allies, as Liz discovered that some of the names on the blacklist had some connection with Berlin. Also in the episode, Liz gave her resignation and it was too late when she decided to take it back. As soon as Liz's resignation was accepted, Red's immunity was gone. Red, however, surrendered, without a word of protest.

The episode featured a prisoner transport plane, which was shot at by a fighting jet. The synopsis of the episode reveals that the passengers of this plane will escape, after it crash lands. One of the prisoners is suspected to be Berlin. The whole city will be locked-down to hunt the prisoners who have escaped. Meanwhile, Liz will try to get Red out of the prison because he is the only who can help find the escaped prisoners.

Tom said in episode 21: "You don't choose Berlin, he chooses you." It will be interesting to find out why Berlin targeted Red's assets, allies and his infrastructure. And, it seems highly unlikely that the first season finale of "The Blacklist" will tell its viewers the relationship status of Red and Liz.

As previously reported, Berlin will order Tom to kill Liz. In the preview, Tom can be seen holding Liz hostage at gun-point. There is Red, as well, pointing a gun at them. Someone close to Agent Ressler is expected to die in the episode. The preview of the finale suggests that everyone in the task-force is a target.

Official Synopsis of "The Blacklist" Season Finale, Episode 22 "Berlin": "With the crashing of the mysterious prisoner transport plane, the city is going to go on lock down as the authorities are on the hunt for all the escapees. In the meantime, with Red in custody, Liz will use her power to get him out since he is their best chance at finding all the suspects."


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