‘The Blacklist’ Episode 21 ‘Berlin’ [Finale-Part1] Preview/Spoilers: Berlin is Coming for Red [VIDEO]

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It is a two-part finale time for NBC's hit series "The Blacklist." The finale is titled "Berlin," which indicates that 'Berlin' is someone on the blacklist and it is not Berlin of Germany. Till now, each episode of "The Blacklist" has been named on the blacklist person featuring in it.

The preview clip of "Berlin" confirms that 'Berlin' is a person. Liz can be seen saying in the clip: "Berlin is not a place. It's a person." And, this person is coming for Red. The preview clip provides a glimpse of a plane arriving and the text message says, "And the man behind it all arrives." It also shows Red with his hands behind his head.


The episode 20, "The Kingmaker," revealed that someone is targeting Red's assets, allies and his business infrastructure. Despite his power and reach, Red has been unable to unmask this mysterious enemy. The preview clip suggests that it is Berlin who is plotting the downfall of Red and his business empire. Moreover, the preview clip also indicates that the blacklist is connected to the whole game, and can be traced back to this Berlin person.

In "Kingmaker," Liz discovered that Red killed her father. The synopsis of the episode suggests that she will keep a distance from Red, as she refuses to work with him. Also, she will reveal to FBI what she knows about Tom. The previous episode ended on Liz entering Agent Ressler's apartment, and it is likely that she will spill the details of Tom's secret to him.

Meanwhile, "seeking to make amends and force Liz to see him, Red brings the FBI a case they can't ignore," according to the synopsis of the episode.

Tom was not featured in the previous episode, but for the finale he returns as more details about him will be revealed. Jon Bokenkamp, creator of "The Blacklist," said to TV Guide: "In regard to both Tom and the series as a whole, we will give some satisfying answers. It has built into that episode specifically some really big mysteries that will be really fun to unwrap."

Bokenkamp has termed the two-part finale as "big and muscular."

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