‘The Blacklist’ Episode 20 ‘The Kingmaker’ Spoilers: Tom’s Envelope to Ruin Liz’s Relationship with Red

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At the moment, it looks like the only character that can be trusted in "The Blacklist" is Liz. Rest of the other characters seem to belong to a dubious club, as one cannot figure out their real motive and true identity. In the previous episode, Tom, the man who wooed and married Liz because she was his professional target, said to Liz that he is the good man and he never had the intention to hurt Liz. He pointed the accusatory finger at Red, saying that he is not who she thinks he is. Tom warning came with evidence to back-up his claim.

"The Kingmaker," episode 20, of "The Blacklist" is set to reveal the content of Tom's evidence box, which is likely to be photographs of Red killing Liz's foster father. According to Megan Boone, who plays Liz, the evidence is going to "ruin a relationship that's very important to her [Liz]."

The actress said to Yahoo TV that Liz is "going to go to a darker place," as she is "completely despondent, detached, and jaded at this point."

Meanwhile, Liz will have to take Red's help to catch one of the feared blacklister of all. According to the synopsis of the episode, "after a Politician in Prague is framed for a murder, Red suspects it's the work of The Kingmaker -- a strategist behind the rise of some of the world's most powerful politicians." It looks like Red does not have a dossier on the Kingmaker, as he does not know much about this man on the blacklist.  

Talking about the Kingmaker, Boone said to Yahoo TV, "The Kingmaker is the most mysterious blacklister so far. Red knows less about him than he's known about any of them."

She also indicated as the series barrels toward the finale, "the blacklisters become more nefarious and more mysterious, and Red knows less and less about them. It becomes more of a risk for Red as the season progresses."

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