‘The Blacklist’ Episode 20 ‘The Kingmaker’ RECAP/REVIEW: Liz Finds Out that Red Killed her Father

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"The Kingmaker," the episode 20 of "The Blacklist," hints that Red is standing alone against an alliance of powerful men and women from all across the world. The international evil players include a Chinese man. Fitch returns in this episode to have some heavy-duty conversations with Red. The scenes involving Red and Fitch are more talk and less about showing the real card. Each episode of "The Blacklist" delivers a new puzzle, without solving the innumerable ones that were delivered in the past. The highlight of this episode is Red confessing to Liz that he killed her foster father, Sam.

Here is the RECAP of "The Blacklist" Episode 20 "The Kingmaker":

It is Prague. A man gets inside a car while talking to someone on the phone. He says, "Tell Mr Reddington everything is proceeding as planned." He feels hot and the driver offers him a bottle of water. The water has been spiked, as the man passes out and finds himself waking-up in a room, wearing only his underwear.  The man, who is called Emil Dusk, a member of the parliament, is soon arrested for the murder of a male escort. According to T.V. reports, Mr Dusk was found in the male escort's apartment.

A man tells Red that losing Mr Dusk is "very unfortunate." Red believes that Mr Dusk has been framed to hurt his interests. Red thinks that it is the Kingmaker who is responsible for Mr Dusk's arrest. But, he has no clue who retained the Kingmaker. The man tells Red that it must be the same mysterious enemy who has been playing Red for months.  It is the same person who is devoting his time and energy to depreciate Red's business.  The man tells Red that his friends -- Red says that he does not have friends -- are talking and this mysterious enemy is not after them, but only after Red. The man warns Red that these so called friends are loyal to him now, but they won't for long. Red has only "shut the hell up" advice to offer for them.

Meanwhile, Liz sees the photographs, which Tom left for her in a deposit box. The photographs have captured Red visiting the hospital, the same hospital where Liz's father, Sam, died. Agent Ressler, too, sees the photographs and asks Liz from where she got the photographs and if she trusts the source. Liz says no and does not say anything about Tom. Agent Ressler says that the photographs do not prove that Red was there the day Sam died.  Liz gets a message from Red.

Liz meets Red and the latter has a new assignment for the FBI team. The new name on the blacklist is the "The Kingmaker." Red describes the Kingmaker as someone who is responsible for the rise and fall of some of the pivotal politicians and statesmen of the world. He makes this possible through arranging scandals, exploiting proclivity and assassinations. The Kingmaker grooms some of his clients from an earlier age. Liz correctly figures out that the Kingmaker is causing trouble for some of the politicians in Red's pocket and now he wants FBI to arrest. Red does not deny that and says that the Kingmaker has left Prague and is in the U.S.

Liz puts a condition this time. She wants to know every move of Tom, who according to Red is in New York. Red does not promise that but warns Liz that the Kingmaker is in the country and whatever he intends to touch is going to turn very nasty. Afterwards, Red goes to meet Fitch, without an appointment. [Side note: Fitch first name is Alan]. Fitch is not too happy to see Red.

Red sits down and asks Fitch to help him, as he is under-attack for some time. Someone is targeting Red's interests, allies and his key infrastructure. "The truth is I'm bleeding," Red says. If Fitch does not help, it is likely that the mysterious enemy, who is hurting Red's interests, may very well find out about Fitch and his team. And, if Red dies, all of Fitch's secrets would be in the public domain. Red reminds Fitch that they not only co-exist but they also depend on each other to survive, and what he possesses can lead to Fitch and his alliance.

A young, upcoming politician called Patrick Chandler and the Kingmaker discuss an accident on a bridge. The latter calls it Patrick's bold move to live the life that he wants to live. Later, Patrick is back on the bridge. This time he is driving a car and his wife and daughter are with him. Soon, another vehicle hits his car from the front and pushes it into the water, flowing under the bridge. Patrick's wife dies in the accident, while he and his daughter survive. Patrick hits the headlines and is everywhere on the news. Red figures out that the accident was a publicity stunt, which was aimed to increase Patrick's popularity among the voters.

The Kingmaker kills the driver who ran away from the site after the accident.  Liz and Agent Ressler question Patrick but he refuses to answer them, making the excuse that his daughter is still in the hospital.  A so called friend of Red helps Liz and Agent Ressler find the hotel room of the Kingmaker. But, he is not there. However, the two find a surveillance system in the room, which helps FBI identify the next target of the Kingmaker, a U.S. senator. The FBI team succeeds in decoding the motive behind Patrick's accident stunt. If the senator dies, Patrick has every chance of becoming the senator if an election is held. The Kingmaker reaches the senator's house before the FBI agents. He has plans to make the senator's death look like a burglary gone wrong. He shoots at the senator.  

When Liz and Agent Ressler reach senator's house, they find the senator still breathing.  The Kingmaker and Liz get into a fight. Agent Ressler shoots and kills the Kingmaker when he sees him strangling Liz, almost on the verge of killing her. Later, these two agents arrest Patrick.

Red wants to have a talk with the Kingmaker. He wants to know which politician hired him to take down Red's asset. Liz informs him that the Kingmaker is dead. Also, Fitch informs Red that he and his alliance are not interested in helping him. He adds that they are big boys who can do their risk assessment. The alliance consists of men and women, probably powerful, from all across the world. Some partners of the alliance want to kill Red to see what kind of evidence he holds against them. Red warns Fitch that he will this war and his enemy will lose, and then he won't be able to help him. He plans to settle his score with the alliance. Red adds that at that time, Fitch will find himself alone in the dark.

Meanwhile thanks to Aram's tech help, Liz finds out that Red was in the room with her father when he died. When she confronts Red and asks if he killed her father, he says yes. Liz does not buy his explanation and walk out of his house, saying they are done and he is a monster.

Later, she knocks at the door of Agent Ressler's apartment, without wearing her wedding ring. She tells him that she did not know where to go. He invites her in and the episode ends. 

"The Kingmaker" has probably set the base for the next episode, which is called "Berlin." The mysterious enemy of Red can be related to Tom and his organisation.  

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