‘The Blacklist’ Episode 19 Spoilers/Preview: Tom Gone from Liz’s Life in ‘The Pavlovich Brothers’ [VIDEO]

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Tom Keen is currently the real blacklist criminal in NBC's "The Blacklist," but Red has no clue about his real identity or his job profile. It is unbelievable that Red, who knows almost all the criminals of the world, is unaware about Tom's real identity and his handler. He just knows that Tom brought three fake passports after he inserted himself in Liz's life.  Liz, Tom's so called target-wife, has set-up her own two people-investigation room -- for herself and Red -- to dig-out the truth about her husband. It looks like Tom is even more sinister and smarter than Liz and Red thought, as he is set to disappear from Liz's life at the first sign of trouble.

The preview clip of Episode 19, titled "The Pavlovich Brothers," indicates that Tom has packed his bags and has gone out of Liz's life.  In the preview clip, Liz can be seen telling Red, "he is gone ... my husband is gone. " Red reminds Liz that her husband never existed, as for Tom the whole marriage was just business. Such an explanation is not going to calm down Liz and make her see things practically, as she can be seen telling Red that she had fallen in love with Tom and was planning a child with him.


In the previous episode, Tom proposed to Liz that they should renew their wedding vows, with the intention to kill all doubts about him. To keep the charade going, Liz organised the vows renewal ceremony, and invited Tom's brother, Craig Keen, as well. Craig Keen turned out to be a fake brother and, like Tom, part of something that is related to 'Berlin'.  The fake brother preferred to commit suicide, rather than reveal what is 'Berlin'.

The suicide of his accomplice might have made Tom suspicious, and thus he decides to disappear from Liz's life. However if Tom suspects that Liz knows something, Liz will be in grave danger, as indicated by Jon Bokenkamp, creator of "The Blacklist," in Beyond the Blacklist "Ivan" edition.  

"Where [the last] episode leaves off, [it] has Liz in an incredibly dangerous place because it can't be long before Tom finds out that she knows and that would be a very bad thing," he said, as quoted by ENSTARS.

Official Synopsis of "The Blacklist" Episode 19, "The Pavlovich Brothers,": "As the team tries to protect a target of the Pavlovich brothers -- specialists in abductions -- Red has a job of his own for the duo; Liz patiently pursues the truth about Tom."

"The Blacklist" is taking an Easter break and is set to return with a new episode after two weeks. "The Pavlovich Brothers" is scheduled to air on April 21, 2014.

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