‘The Blacklist’ Episode 18 RECAP/REVIEW ‘Milton Bobbit’: Tom, Liz Renew their Wedding Vows, Someone Dead [SPOILER]

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In "The Blacklist" Episode 18, "Milton Bobbit," Red promised Liz that 'the rest' [why is Liz important to Red] will come later. It would have not taken much of episode's time if Red had dropped some information crumbs. However, since this mystery glows brightest at the centre of "The Blacklist" circle of mysteries, it might get revealed in the series finale. As that will come later, here is what happened in "Milton Bobbit": Tom came-up with the idea of renewing Liz and his wedding- vows, and Liz arranged a quick get-together for that, inviting Tom's brother as well. It was revealed, which did not come as a surprise, Tom's stories have no grain of truth, except 'Berlin'. Tom's brother arrived to attend the vows renewing ceremony, and later jumped to his death from his hotel room's window. Milton Bobbit's case could have been interesting, but was not. 

Recap and Review of "The Blacklist" Episode 18 "Milton Bobbit":

A woman, heading to an airport, hails a cab. The cab-driver, however, has no intention to take her to the airport. He says sorry to the woman, calls her by her name -- much to the surprise of the woman -- says goodbye to his family, and speeds-up the cab. He intentionally rams the cab into a construction truck and it catches fire, killing both the people inside.    

Milton Bobbit, the man in this week's blacklist, sees the photo of the cab-driver and the file of the woman killed. He puts the photo in the paper shredder to destroy it and calls-up someone for wire transfer. Later at his home, he is seen sitting just in his underwear. His body is covered with sore marks and the man pulls out his nose, as well, which gives him a grotesque's look.      

Meanwhile at Liz's home, Tom is making pancakes for breakfast, while Liz looks distracted. Before leaving for his job, Tom proposes the idea that Liz and he should renew their wedding vows. Liz agrees, pretending to be happy. As soon as Tom steps out of the door, Liz unleashes her violent rage on things kept in her house and throws the pancake, as well.

Liz sets-up a mini-war room for two people. The room feature a huge white board, with Tom's photo pinned on it. Photos of others, who have some connection with Tom, are pinned on the board as well, including that of Jolene and Gina Zanetakos. Red joins Liz in this room to figure out who is Tom and what is his motive. Liz demands to know what Red knows about Tom. Red replies that he knows a little more than she knows. He reveals that his business had a security breach, which made him take a look at his vulnerabilities. One of the vulnerabilities obviously is Liz; however Red does not disclose how he and Liz are related. He tells her that the rest will come later, as finding all about Tom, 'the immediate threat', is more important. Through his source, Red had found that soon after Tom inserted himself in Liz's life, he got himself three fake passports. Liz tells Red that she found a key inside a lamp, but she has no clue what the key is for.  Red hands Liz, Apple man's surveillance tapes.

To help Liz look normal and keep the charade going in front of Tom, Red hands her the newspaper, featuring report of two people [the cab-driver and the woman] killed in an accident. Red is suspicious that it might be the work of the undertaker, Milton Bobbit, the broker of death. He is known to recruit people to commit murder suicide.

The FBI team congregate at their usual place in the post-office to discuss the case. While they investigate the undertaker, a young woman approaches a man at the gas station, and purposely starts a blaze, which kills both of them.

Without much help from Red, the FBI team discovers that all dead assassins were terminally ill and that they had received loads of money just before their death and after that, from a Cayman bank account. They are unable to find the real source of this wire transfers.

Tom returns home from his work to find that there is a get together at his home, and his brother, Craig Keene, is present as well. Liz has arranged the party to execute Tim's idea of renewing their vows. While Tom is having his shave, Craig warns that Liz knows and that the woman is smart. Tom says that he knows Liz very well. The whole idea of renewing the wedding vows is kill all the doubts in Liz's head.   

Reading his vows, Tom says that when he is with her, he does not need to pretend. Liz says that this is the beginning of something amazing, something new, a new chapter in their life and more. Later Dembe arrives at Liz's house to pick-up a champagne glass, which was used by Craig. Red goes to El Salvador, with this glass, to meet a Bosnian scientist. The man does not want to help Red, as he had slept with his wife. Red, however, gets his work done, after striking a bargain.

Craig Keen's real name is Christopher, and equipped with this information, Liz arrives at Craig's hotel room. When he refuses to answer her questions about his real identity and his handler, Liz shows him some of her action moves and handcuffs him to the bathroom sink. Craig warns Liz that she has no idea with whom she is dealing with. Red and Dembe arrive as well to get information out of him. Liz has to leave because there is a new development in the blacklist case.   

FBI has discovered a common connection between the people who were convinced by Milton Bobbit to become assassins. They have got their life insurance from the same insurance company. This helps the team to identify the next terminally ill assassin. Right on time, Liz and Agent Ressler stop him from killing a representative at a political rally.

While Liz is busy cracking this case, Red takes Craig to an art gallery, which is full of grotesque faces. Craig refuses to divulge any information, but soon sees Dembe taking his mother around the gallery in a wheel-chair. Craig warns Red not to touch his mother.

Liz again joins Red, Dembe and Craig at the hotel room. Craig also does not know much about Tom, and he had once mentioned about his brother in Chicago and a girl-friend. Craig adds that nothing is real about Tom. Before he can be grilled further, Craig receives a call from Tom. They were supposed to meet, Craig tells him to push up the meeting by a couple of hours. The two do not discuss anything suspicious, but Tom slips the word 'Berlin'. Craig prefers death to answering about what is 'Berlin'. He takes the window route to commit suicide. Red asks Liz to walk out of the room so as to avoid getting caught. Dembe cleans-up the place.

FBI team connects how the recent victims of Milton Bobbit were related. They were part of a clinical trial to test drugs on patients suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. Dr Osborne was supervising the trial, while Milton Bobbit was one of the patients at that trial. Thanks to the information provided by Milton Bobbit's colleagues, the FBI team figures out that Milton Bobbit must be at the cemetery where he volunteers when they do not find him at his house.

Milton Bobbit has taken Dr Osborne to the cemetery. He pulls a gun at him. Milton Bobbit is wearing a bomb vest and plans to blow-up the doctor and himself -- his last suicide assassination. The FBI team arrives at the spot before Milton Bobbit could detonate the bomb. In a daring move, Agent Ressler goes near the doctor and Milton Bobbit. He announces the arrest of the doctor for his clinical trial. However, Agent Ressler does not arrest Milton Bobbit, as the latter had no intention to get arrested that day. Milton Bobbit blows himself-up.           

Tom tells Liz that his brother went back, as he had some work. The two indulge in some fake love, wearing their masks. At Cooper's office, Red goes through Milton Bobbit's client list.

Thoughts: Craig would have been a great recurring character, or a blacklist case, but the writers of "The Blacklist" love to kill those who pique the interest of the viewers and have the potential to provide some real action. Anslo Garrick is an example of the baddie that they killed too soon, without fully exploring his awesome fiendish madness.

Red going through Milton Bobbit's client list makes one wonder, if all the blacklist cases have something in common. It seems the FBI team in "The Blacklist" only works when Red hands them a case. Also, the investigation of the cases does not have the punch to keep the audience at the edge of their seats. The thrill aspect is completely missing.  

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