‘The Blacklist’ Episode 18 Preview/Spoilers: Liz Begins her Game of Deceit to Check-Mate Tom in ‘Milton Bobbit’ [VIDEO]

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The Episode 18 of "The Blacklist" is titled "Milton Bobbit." The major highlight of the episode is expected to be Liz's deception game to trap Tom. In the previous episode, "Ivan," Liz realised that Tom was always right about her husband, that he cannot be trusted. To unmask Tom in front of everyone and make him confess, Liz will team-up with Red.

In the new episode, Tom and Liz will also renew their vows.  Jon Bokenkamp, creator of "The Blacklist," has said on Tweeter that the upcoming episode is a "very special episode," as Tom and Liz renew their vows.

The preview of the episode indicates that it is Tom's idea to renew the vows. Liz can be seen saying to Tom, "when you asked me to renew our vows ... I realised this is the beginning." As reportedly previously, Tom's brother will be introduced, as he arrives to attend the renewing of vows ceremony. Peter Scanavino has been roped to play the character of Tom's older brother, according to TV Guide.

TV Guide had reported that this brother may have a connection to Jolene. According to the report, Liz will "turn to Tom's older brother to get the truth about his background. Unfortunately, there is something not right about Liz's "brother-in-law" either." (So many quotes of doubt!) In fact, he may have a connection to Jolene."

Meanwhile, the FBI team and Red will be seen hunting the most elusive criminal on the blacklist, "the undertaker." The synopsis of the episode indicates that he is an insurance claim adjuster, and he is good at convincing people to become contract killers.

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Official Synopsis of "The Blacklist" Episode 18, "Milton Bobbit": "Red and the team will be on the hunt for "The Undertaker," who is a life insurance claim adjuster that convinces ordinary people to become contract killers. In the meantime, Liz is going to work with Red to uncover Tom's secrets."

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