‘The Blacklist’ Episode 17 ‘Ivan’ Spoilers/Preview: Liz Closes-In on Tom, To Renew Wedding Vows [VIDEO]

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In Episode 16 of "The Blacklist," "Mako Tanida," Tom killed Jolene and the Cowboy, after Jolene called-up Liz to tell that she and her fiancé are moving to another city. He later interred the bodies of Jolene and the Cowboy, perhaps thinking that no will investigate their sudden disappearance. He did not consider the possibility that the Cowboy can be one of Red's men, and killing him means, someone will come looking for the missing man and the woman. Liz may not be suspicious, but Red is and because of that, in "The Blacklist" Episode 17, titled "Ivan," a detective knocks at Tom's doors, asking questions about Jolene and when Tom last saw her.

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The preview clip of "Ivan" also shows Liz at the secret hideout of Tom. In the preview, Tom can be seen removing Liz and Red's photographs from the wall and hiding from his 'target,' Liz. However, it looks like there is still some time before Liz finds out about Tom's real identity. According to E! Online spoilers, Tom and Liz are set to renew their wedding vows. This occasion will see the arrival of Tom's elder brother, Craig. Peter Scanavino has been roped in to play Craig. There is a possibility that Craig might not be a real brother but Tom's handler or someone sent by the handler.

In the previous episode, Liz did not have much to do. It looks like in "Ivan," she is back in action. The preview's caption says, "The answers she's searching for ... all lie behind this door."

Meanwhile, the FBI team will investigate the theft of a high-tech cyber defense asset. The investigation will lead them to a Russian terrorist, Ivan, one of the names in Red's blacklist.

Official Synopsis of "The Blacklist" Episode 17, "Ivan": "A high-tech cyber defense asset is stolen, with clues pointing to a Russian terrorist as the guilty party. Meanwhile, Jolene's vanishing sheds light on mysteries involving Tom."

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