‘The Blacklist’ Episode 16 Spoilers: Watch Tom Show His Dangerous Side in 'Mako Tanida' [VIDEO]

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"The Judge," Episode 15 of "The Blacklist," confirmed that Red was right about Tom—he cannot be trusted. He is not the next-door, normal, sweet school teacher, but has a different, real identity. Tom married Liz not because of love, but because it was part of his assigned job.

"I told you that I was in love with her [Liz], because that is exactly what I am supposed to be. That is my job," Tom tolds Jolene in "The Judge." He says this after Jolene tells him that Liz is not his wife, but she is his target. "Mako Tanida" is set to reveal his complete secret. Perhaps, the viewers of "The Blacklist" will finally come to know why he married Liz and what he aims to get through the sham marriage.

The preview of the upcoming episode (below), "Mako Tanida," suggests that Jolene will pay the price of knowing Tom's secret. In the preview clip, Tom can be seen attacking Jolene like a trained man. Also, Tom can be seen saying that it has been 2 years [married to Liz], and he has nothing.

"If indeed Tom is who he says he is and is some kind of assassin or con man, Tom's going to flip...you're going to see a side of Tom you've never seen before," Ryan Eggold, who plays Tom, said in Beyond the Blacklist, as quoted by Enstars.

Fans will have to stay tuned to see how many episodes it will take for Liz to find out about her so-called husband, and how will she find out.

Meanwhile, Red will out one of his past associates, Mako Tanida, as the next man on the "blacklist." The brief synopsis of the episode describes this new criminal as a crime lord.

As Jolene knows Tom's secret, what will he do to her? Will she manage to strike a deal with him, as she has her own ulterior motive? It was revealed in "The Judge" that Jolene has been keeping a watch on Red's every move for an operation. The next episode promises to offer a lot of twists and revelations.

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