‘The Blacklist’ Episode 14 Spoilers/Preview: Liz, Tom Relationship on the Rocks, Liz to Pull-Off Covert Heist in ‘Madeline Pratt’ [VIDEO]

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"The Blacklist" is set to return on February 24, 2014, with episode 14. The episode is titled, "Madeline Pratt." This time Red will pull out a woman's name from his blacklist. Madeline Pratt is someone Red knew in his past. Also in this episode, Liz will go under-cover and attempt a heist at the Syrian Embassy.

The preview clip of "Madeline Pratt" suggests an action-packed episode. Also, the clip provides a glimpse of Liz in a hot red dress at the Syrian Embassy. It seems Liz agrees to dance with Red. In the episode aired before the break, Liz said to Tom that she is not sure about adopting the baby, after solving a case related to child adoption. In the preview clip of the new episode, Tom can be seen telling Liz that some time apart can be the best thing for them. Is this the end of Liz and Tom's relationship? It might not be an end, but their relationship is crumbing for sure. And, Jolene's appearance at Tom's side, proving him a shoulder to cry on, might complicate the relationship, further.

TV Guide has reported that "Tom invites Liz to go on a trip for a teachers' conference, but her job once again interferes. Don't worry though, the mysterious Jolene will also be on the trip to help Tom pick up the pieces. Actually, maybe you should worry." As reported previously, the truth of Jolene is expected to be revealed, soon.

Amir Arison, who plays Aram, indicated to E! Online that a lot of interesting things are coming-up for Tom. Will we soon know what the real deal with Tom is? It does not seem so, as his mystery is one of the key mysteries of "The Blacklist." But, Liz and Tom's relationship is no longer a sweet one.

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Official Synopsis of "The Blacklist" Episode 14, "Madeline Pratt": "The next target on the blacklist is a woman from Red's past, Madeline Pratt. Red convinces Liz to pull off a covert heist at the Syrian Embassy." Check the photos from the episode "Madeline Pratt" HERE.

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