BlackBerry Z10’s Specs, Other Info Shaping Up via Numerous Leaks

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Flurry of leaks is driving deserved attention to the upcoming BlackBerry 10 handsets, the initial pack of which Research in Motion (RIM) intends to unveil on January 30.

RIM is reportedly introducing the touch device BlackBerry Z10 and the QWERTY-style BlackBerry X10 but as expected the former generates and attracts much of the interest, chiefly because its design and purpose fit perfectly for a head-on collision with top-notch Apple and Android handsets.

Specs-wise, how the Z10 will measure up against Apple's iPhone 5 and Samsung's Galaxy S3?

According to a recent report by TechRadar, this BB10-powered mobile phone is all set for a decent showdown with the market leaders. To fully showcase RIM's reengineered platform, the Z10 will reportedly draw its energy from a Snapdragon processor though TechRadar skipped out on providing the specific muscle that will deploy with the smartphone.

Earlier blog reports suggested that Z10 will at least sport a dual-core processor that spins up tasks beyond the 1.5GHz mark though expert have been expecting that RIM would display quad-core chips on its latest attempt to wiggle out from the pit.

Regardless, TechRadar's report indicated that the new BlackBerry handset should be snappy enough, its processor set to collaborate with a 2GB RAM.

The same report pointed to the likelihood that Z10 will please with a resolution of 1280 x 768, its Full HD image and video rendering to be beamed out via a 4.2-inch screen. Using the same window, RIM provided more than decent phone camera experience through a tandem of 8MP camera shooter and 2MP front cam.

Snapping pics would be amply aided by the Z10 camera's 5X digital zoom capability but space could soon run for photo fans as the handset only comes with a factory-preset 16GB of memory, TechRadar said.

As a high-end communication tool, the Z10 will hardly disappoint as RIM made sure that LTE chip is included on the phone board plus a bonus NFC. Battery pack is 1800mAh.

It was also reported that Verizon will be among the initial distributors of the Z10, according to an image provided by prolific tech scoop provider @evleaks. This is scenario, however, seems exclusive in the United States at the moment.

For now, the tech world awaits if RIM will indeed deliver on its promise to offer at least 100,000 apps by the time BB10 handsets are pushed out for global market circulation.

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