Blackberry z10 and x10: Specs, Release Dates, Expert’s Take


As the official launch of Blackberry draws near-which is on the game of the 49ers versus the Ravens-as well as the following week-long BB10 launch activities set for the release of the newest line off Blackberry, most are wondering about the specs of the two rumored phones that will be released next month.

Here are a few of the features to watch out for, as well as an expert's take on Blackberry's future given its new iteration.

The z10: The new face of Blackberry

In the Capital reports that both the z10, Blackberry's touch screen handset, and the x10, the keyboard version, will have new features that Blackberry fans will enjoy.

These include the Blackberry Hub, which in essence, is the one-stop place for users to access their e-mails, text messages, and social network tabs, the Black Berry Balance, to allow you access to several profiles for your phone to ensure that your work life is separated from your social network.

Navigation is also made easier by Flow, so that multitasking with apps should be a breeze. The z10's virtual keyboard is also the most developed and long-awaited feature of the new Blackberry line, because it has been worked and reworked to fix the bugs.

Heat map layer on screen is an additional feature that retains the memory of a user's touch on the screen, so that it automatically adjusts for each user.

The x10: Keyboard that still looks stylish

Blackberry's signature QWERTY keyboards are retained in the x10, but it has amazing new features that make the five-year wait worth it.

The x10 has a dual-core 1.5 GHz TI OMAP 4470 Processor, a 2 mega-pixel front camera for video calling, a 3-inch capacitive touch screen display, and it supports 2G, 3G, and 4G network band, reports Acekor.

The x10 8 mega-pixel back camera also features geo-tagging, face detection, and HDR, and it also has a 1080HD video ability.

When it comes to the issue of price, Northern Voices Online reports that U.K. retailer Carphone Warehouse has leaked that the first BlackBerry OS phones may be priced at £480.

Expert's views on the new Blackberry 10

It is undeniable that the newest iteration of Blackberry has been too long in the making, and this may pose as a potential problem for its return to the market.

In a statement with BBC, Ben Wood, CCS insight telecoms consultant has pinpointed three types of customers that they will have to cater to. The first would be existing customers, which are the possible make or break market for the new Blackberry. The new platform serves as an upgrade for those who have enjoyed the previous ones, but if Blackberry can't keep a firm hold on them, the new platform may suffer in terms of the products being rolled out.

Former Blackberry users, may also serve as a good market, because, while they may be users of the likes of Apple and Samsung, the features of z10 or the alternative of keyboard version x10 may be enough to seduce a new market.

Lastly, Wood also mentions the youth generation as a good market, because they may be the ones who will maximize the use of Blackberry Messaging and Facebook.

Blackberry fans can wait for the official release of the Blackberry z10 and x10 in the market this February. For the meantime, the Super Bowl today will feature the 30-second ad of the Blackberry 10, signaling the official launch and comeback of RIM into the smartphone scene.

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