BlackBerry Z10 vs. Nokia Lumia 920

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Early reports said supply channels in the United Kingdom have shown a good start for sales of BlackBerry Z10 and most of the shops selling the device end up with "limited stocks remaining."

The BlackBerry 10 demonstrated early positive impact compared to Nokia Lumia 920 back then. The initial demands for BlackBerry Z10 are so far solid, but still, challenges are in the wind against the comeback of BlackBerry that has been lapped over by Android and iOS.

It may be solid in U.K. which is one the largest BlackBerry market but that does not suggest big in others? When it comes to overall user experience and stability, does BlackBerry compete to Nokia's Windows Phone, the Lumia 920?

Hardware Division - BlackBerry Z10 and Lumia 920

BlackBerry Z10 design shows a thinner and lighter feel to the user. It is 9mm thick and weight 137.5g while Lumia 920 is thicker with 10.7mm and weighs heavier with 185g. BlackBerry Z10 overall body displays a black and rough presence which means "business" while Lumia 920 emphasises on the artful creation of its body.

Lumia 920 has 4.5 inches of display, larger compared to 4.2 inches of the BlackBerry Z10. In regards to the overall screen, Lumia 920 boasts IPS LCD type with the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 2 and its color tone has brighter effect than the BlackBerry Z10. The BlackBerry Z10 may only have a capacitive touchscreen but it is smooth in general, though a user must be careful of its screen.

Both devices sport 1.5GHz of dual-core processor but with storage capacity, BlackBerry Z10 makes the Lumia 920 less versatile due to its 16GB internal capacity with microSD card expansion slot of up to 64GB. Another point for BlackBerry Z10 is the 2GB of RAM installed compared to 1GB only of the Lumia 920.

Software Stability - BlackBerry 10 vs. Windows Phone

BlackBerry 10 is more into gestures which basically are used to navigate around the device. Messaging is also something BlackBerry is good at and all notifications are located in one area for convenience. Windows Phone shows swiping and simple scrolling but does not heavily concentrate on gestures making the OS easier to use.

Keyboard is very important now in smartphones. The Windows Phone keyboard in Lumia 920 is spacious, elegant, and very responsive with a decent auto-correct function but rather conventional. The BlackBerry 10 keyboard focuses on saving time with predictive words popping up near the letters, it is good for one-hand texting but for some using two hands, it won't be much of help.

For the browser, both OS displays decent responsiveness but the difference between the two is the possible load jack with the content. BlackBerry 10 has additional support with Flash while Windows Phone can sustain smooth response even with heavy pages.

Camera and Power

Nokia Lumia 920 is hailed as one of the smartphones with the excellent camera. It has 8.7MP rear shooter with Carl Zeiss optics, dual LED flash and image stabilization. BlackBerry Z10 has 8MP rear shooter with single LED flash but no hardware-based image stabilisation which makes it a non-premium camera.

Above all, the most important is the battery life which powers up the device. BlackBerry Z10 has 1800 mAh battery while Lumia 920 has 2000 mAh. Some reviews show that Nokia Lumia 920 lasts more than the BlackBerry Z10 which means having another spare battery is a good idea.

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