BlackBerry z10: Top Tricks and Tips

  on February 18 2013 4:27 PM

Whether you are already enjoying the BlackBerry Z10 or getting ready to get your own device when it hits stores in your area, these tricks and shortcuts can come in handy to help you handle your handset like a pro.

The apps

It's easy to forget which of your apps are open when you've already been operating your Z10 for quite some time.

The great thing about the Z10 is that it allows up to eight opened apps at a time, and you can check them all by simply swiping downwards when viewing the first viewable four apps.

According to Pocket-Lint, opening more than eight apps at a time automatically closes the last one.

The volume controls

Aside from adjusting volume controls in your phone, the Z10 also allows you to make use of these controls when adjusting the music volume or selecting songs from your library, reports CIO.

This means that you can easily change songs without whipping out your Z10. Simply choose settings in the dropdown menu, then click System Volume and enable the Music Shortcuts by clicking On.

The BlackBerry Hub

You find yourself typing a message, then you suddenly feel the need to check your BlackBerry Hub for any updates in your online accounts? It's as easy as making the letter L.

It doesn't matter what you're doing with your Z10, but the moment you swipe your finger from the bottom left of the screen to the corner and up to the upper right hand part of the screen, Pocket-Lint reports that you'll be redirected to your inbox.

The keyboard

Exploring the BlackBerry Z10 keyboard is a fun experience, because, so far, it's been reported to be the best there is in the smartphones industry.

Recombu reports that there are easy shortcuts that would allow you to bring up the keyboard to the screen or delete words when typing a message.

For those who don't like retyping commonly used words, the Z10 keyboard allows you to create key-combos for words and phrases that you commonly use. This way, you have less typing involved.

Deleting a word is also easy and done with the swiping motion. Just start from the backspace button and swipe it to the center of your keyboard-saving you the time of deleting each letter, according to CNME Online.

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