BlackBerry z10: Side-loading Android Apps, More Games to Come?


The BlackBerry z10's unexpected success has been taking the industry by storm. After a successful launch in UK, which translated to selling out even the less in-demand white models, according to US Switch, the challenge now is to keep the BB10 crowd happy with successful apps.

Aside from its 700,000 apps currently available in the Blackberry World, reports that BlackBerry 10 is gearing up for a launch of 28,000 repackaged Android apps.

However, this is made possible through sideloading. This only means that, you can download apps from Android onto your BlackBerry by following a few simple directions, as it is now a click-download-enjoy feature like in other platforms.

This does mean that apps like the Amazon Kindle, which is not available in the BlackBerry 10, can now be sideloaded and enjoyed in your device. Two other things to take note of, according to is that you would need to turn on the Developer Mode on.

This is easily done by connecting the Z10 to your computer, scouting the Android apps that have been converted to fit the BB10 platform.

At the same time, you need to install the DDPB program onto your computer, so you can pick the apps you want from Android and download them to the Z10.

The Android news for the BlackBerry Z10 doesn't end there, as PhoneArena reports the possibility of BlackBerry's update to the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This way, user problems involving unresponsive apps or slow runtimes should more or less be addressed.

However, there has yet to be word on when the update will run for the BlackBerry Z10.

As for the BlackBerry 10 games, however, reports that Marmalade is getting onboard to help developers bring games to the BlackBerry 10 platform.

Marmalade is a software maker that provides best performance and portability in the industry of cross-platform applications. Essentially, they make it easier for developers to create apps for the BlackBerry World so that consumers can easily enjoy the apps on their BB10.

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