BlackBerry Z10: How to Have Fun with Your BB10 Camera in 5 Ways


As far as camera goes, it seems that the BlackBerry Z10 is still at par with those at the top, challenged mostly by the iPhone 5.

However, just because it has its limitations, does not mean you can't enjoy the added features that the Z10 camera has to offer.

No need for retakes

Gone are the days when you need to retake a shot because something got in your eyes the moment the shutter clicks.

As CrackBerry reports, the Z10's TimeShift is there to capture around 10 images in every shot so you can go backward or forward in time within the taken shots so you can "open" closed eyes or find the best shot in the bunch.

Best of all, the TimeShift feature has been made to avoid weird morphed-like photos post-editing.

Make a story with Story Maker

You can also explore the video end of the Z10 camera, and be surprised with the Story Maker feature, an app that lets you make movies in minutes.

TechCrunch reports that the Story Maker is like having a movie editor, as you can play around with still shots and video clips, create smoother transitions, put titles, and even incorporate soundtracks.

Take advantage of the artsy grainy appeal

Annoyed by the soft focus quality or the grainy finish that your photos sometimes have? Don't be. According to Berry Review, the BlackBerry Z10's limitations in terms of its camera are in the same degree as any other viable smartphone in the market.

The good thing about the Z10 camera is that the photos don't sacrifice much detail. You just come out with an almost filtered finish for your photos. Think of the grainy quality as an effect, in the same way that you'd use an effect filter in Instagram.

Stable while on the go

CrackBerry gives a great tip for those who may be taking tours or are just always used to taking photos on the go. The BlackBerry Z10 features a Stabilization mode, so that you can avoid blurred shots for on-the-go shoots.

Know how to handle the meter

As a smartphone, the BlackBerry Z10's camera also has the capability of adjusting to lighting conditions, which can change the quality and appearance of the photo altogether.

Berry Review suggests that users learn how to selectively meter especially during low-light conditions, so that there won't be intense lighting when you have a source of intense light within the frame.

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