BlackBerry Z10 Face-off vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Round 1


Used to be, the battle of the smartphones was dominated by Apple's iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3-the alleged proof supposedly seen in how they each seem to target each other solely in their ads-but now, BlackBerry Z10 is starting quite a stir as an underdog turned fast-rising competitor.

Check out the BlackBerry Z10 and Samsung Galaxy S3 from the inside out, and side by side to see for yourself.

Innovation for design vs. a bigger screen

When it comes to designs on the smartphone, there's usually no room for variation. This is the reason why Samsung Galaxy S3 looks a bit like more rounded-on-the-edges iPhone 5witha smaller plastic border.

However, the BlackBerry Z10 breaks into a screen with an all-touch screen build, which gets points for innovation in an otherwise home button saturated market.

If it's a larger screen you're looking for, Samsung Galaxy S3 wins by a long shot. According to PC Advisor, you're looking at a 71x137mm, currently the biggest screen and handset in the market. compared to BlackBerry Z10's 66x130mm.

Rich full tones vs. washed out photos

To examine the photos, CNet presented photos comparing the BlackBerry Z10's camera with the Samsung Galaxy S3. In terms of quality of the photos, the BlackBerry Z10 trumps Samsung Galaxy S3 by a long shot.

If you consider the colors and tones of pictures taken for the two smartphones, BlackBerry Z10 displays a wider and fuller array of tones, sometimes even to a fault. There are cases wherein the photos' colors can seem so enhanced compared to its real life counterparts

However, these effects are still much better compared to Samsung Galaxy S3, because photos taken with this device gives off a washed out quality.

A shot at storage

In terms of storage, the BlackBerry Z10's lack of other options aside from the 16GB that's already out in the market puts it at a handicap, reports PC Advisor. Currently, Samsung Galaxy S3 comes in three storage modes, 16GB, 3GB, and 64 GB.

However BlackBerry Z10 does provide additional storage capabilities with memory cards for up to 64GB.

Z10 and S3: Twins on the inside?

Recently, a UBM TechInsights conducted a tear down to look inside the BlackBerry Z10. The result? A familiar picture with what can be found inside the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Gizmodo reports that among the components seen inside the Z10 included the Snapdragon S4 Plus chip, the Qualcomm parts, and Samsung-made RAM and storage faculties, bringing up the issue on whether or not the similarities were accidental or otherwise.

However, Tech Eye points out that the BlackBerry Z10 has a better design considering the four sockets of Qualcomm, plus an MSM8960 processor. This is then integrated and incorporated with a multi-mode 3G LTE modem, COU cores, and Adreno 25 GPU, making for a faster processing speed

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