BlackBerry z10: 6 Best Apps to Enhance, Enjoy your BB10


Getting the BlackBerry z10 was just the beginning. Now you can enjoy your device with the many BB10 apps that are streaming in to the BlackBerry World.

Instead of having the hardest time navigating this app store, here are some of the apps that you might find handy, whether you're out with friends, looking for a game to kill time, or scouting for a potential soulmate nearby.

TuneIn Radio

There's more to TuneIn Radio than being a free app, reports Digital Trends, as it's already a hit in many platforms across smartphones and devices.

Users can get access to more than 70,000 stations all over the globe. Plus, those who want to follow podcasts, get the latest on shows, and even free concert tickets will love this app.

Alpha Zero

Shooter games are always addictive, but with Alpha Zero, you also get some space action, as you have to maneuver your own ship.

Take the multi-touch function experience of the BlackBerry as you attempt to shoot down several batches of flying opponents-a challenge that anyone with a capacity of ultimate hand-eye coordination would truly enjoy.


Dating is also made easy when you have over 170,000,000 people already involved in Badoo, an app that's now available for Blackberry 10. What's interesting and convenient about this app is that it lets you meet new singles and new people in an area near you.

Plus, according to its official website, you have your own inbox that's integrated so you can monitor your messages, see the list of visitors, and even browse through those who have expressed mutual attractions or desire to meet you.

The icing on the cake? It's a free app!


Take advantage of the Z10's 8-megapixel camera by complementing it with one of the best photo editing tools in the market, the PicShop.

It offers a bevy of effects and blemish removal commands that can let you perfect that nearly-perfect shot.

Give a shout-out with your picture with speech bubbles or put colorful stickers to make a neon print-looking photo that you can share on Facebook and Twitter.

World of Goo

Crank up your thinking juices and get in the World of Goo. In this difficult physics-based game, you have to create structures all made entirely of the squishy-looking goo balls.

The game has several levels and different types of goo balls that you can use. The key is to get to an exit, combine the goo balls into one structure, and complete the level.


Want to swig some beers with friends but don't know the best place in town to hang out and chill? Untappd has already tapped the best places for you-and you can get it at the tap of a button, all for free.

Find out where your friends are drinking, see what bars and drinks are on everyone's list, and track down the nearest booze place if you want an immediate score.

Best of all, you can check recommendations of a bar's special beer before you're even handed the menu, and rate it yourself after you've enjoyed a taste.

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