BlackBerry z10: 5 Ways to Extend Battery Life


Operating the BlackBerry z10 may be a smooth-sailing experience for some, but the biggest complaint about the smartphone is its relatively short battery life.

While the common solution to this would be to bring developers to the table and address the problem, Trusted Reviews reports that BlackBerry 10 developers are not working towards a solution to the battery problem for now.

"Software updates can only do so much. Our focus when we push our updates is to address market issues or enhance features" said Vivek Bhardwaj, head of software portfolio for BlackBerry.

This doesn't mean that BB10 users should suffer because of this particular flaw. Aside from bringing your charger around with you, try out these simple tips to prolong battery life.

Keep it locked or on sleep mode

The great thing about the BlackBerry z10 is that it has the function which locks the device automatically when not in use.

But you can take the extra mile and make sure that it also sleeps, because this way, you won't

Use a battery charger bundle

One of BlackBerry z10's features is Berits swappable battery which means you can easily buy another battery, while alternately charging the other. The BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle, available at ShopCrackBerry for only $47.95, allows you to charge another battery or plug the unit and let it charge.

This device also allows you to charge both of your batteries-one in your phone and plugged to a charger, and a spare battery charging in your charger bundle when you have access to an outlet, instead of on the go.

The BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle includes a battery charger and BlackBerry LS1 battery. It's of OEM quality and compatible to the BlackBerry z10.

Turn off your connections

It's common to be connected online almost 24/7, because you do want to know any updates or messages that you may be receiving. But if you're not using these connections, they just serve as battery drain for you BlackBerry z10. reports that you can save some of your juice power when turning off wi-fi, Bluetooth, and other unused connections.

Shorten your display timeout

Sometimes, it's standard to put 30 seconds for your screen timeout, but really, once you've stopped using you phone, you should go for the minimum amount of time required before the screen turns off.

According to CrackBerry, switching your display settings to 10 seconds of screen timeout can be a big help.

Dim the lights

There's a golden rule with backlights: the brighter they are, the more juice you drain. Unfortunately, the BlackBerry z10 doesn't have an auto-dim setting, so you will have to manually turn down the brightness in your Settings down to at least 10% according to CrackBerry.

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