BlackBerry Reports Fresh Business

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BlackBerry claims to have been asked by Hispanic broadcaster Univision Communications to supply 2,000 keyboard smartphones. BlackBerry is based in Waterloo, Ontario, while Univision is one among the most successful broadcast networks in the U.S.

Univision employees are said to be using BlackBerry Q10 after upgrading their older BlackBerry phones. Univision should take pride in being one among the largest broadcasting networks in America. It owns over 60 local TV station as well as about 70 radio stations. The primary broadcasting language of all these is Spanish.

It has been a distinct business strategy of BlackBerry to secure business customers who have a long-time relation with the company. The marketing efforts of the company's part make sure that the company receives orders for the new phones which operate on BlackBerry 10 OS. It is a strategic move to make the pace slower for defectors to the competitor phones which are ever-growing in number. BlackBerry's rivals include Apple's iPhone and other Android phones.

Earlier in August, the U.S. Department of Defence permitted the company to operate upon the Pentagon networks. BlackBerry considers this a significant step ahead in the process of security certification. On the other hand, BlackBerry is yet to secure a substantial market in the U.S. The launch of BlackBerry 10 phones with keyboard and touchscreen has been considered as unsuccessful in terms of sales.

Juniper Research, a U.K. based company informed that BlackBerry has started losing its dedicated markets in Indonesia and South Africa. BlackBerry has maintained a stronghold in those countries so far.

Nevertheless, the company must be determined enough now to turn it around this time. The company seems to have been working on the same for some time now. It plans reducing expenses in its operations. It has also reduced the number of employees in the recent past. The job cut included everyone from the lower level to executives. The company has cut around 100 employees in July as well.

On Monday, BlackBerry shares were seen slightly up on TSE.

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