BlackBerry Q10: The Highs and Lows of the BlackBerry Keyboard


Much buzz has been given to the newly launched BlackBerry z10. But it will still be six to eight weeks before the second BlackBerry 10 phone, the Q10, hits the market.

If you are one of the avid fans of the keyboarded BlackBerry, check out some of the highs and lows that you should expect before the actual release of the Q10, so you can see for yourself if it's worth the extra wait.

Killer battery life

According to Digital Trends, both of the newest BlackBerry 10 phones, the z10 and Q10 have a top-notch battery life that goes beyond your usual long life span. Compared to other smartphones in the market, the BlackBerry 10 phones come with a replaceable battery and an external charging option.

This is a case that allows users to charge their spare battery and the BlackBerry simultaneously. Best of all, the charging does not bother with the work that you do using your phone, hence a potential unlimited battery usage.

Loyalty to the keyboard

Though touch screen smartphone are slowly taking over the mobile market, there are still loyalists who opt for the QWERTY keyboard-and this includes BlackBerrry fans.

This is why the company's move to retain its keyboard function in the Q10 is a bold yet necessary move, to ensure that loyalists will still have their choice of the physical keyboard, which is practically its signature compared to other smartphones.

Best of all, T3 magazine reports that the Q10 keyboard has been modified to ensure only the best typing experience that gives justice to the long wait for the phone.

BlackBerry 10's Time Shift feature

The BlackBerry 10's camera is also something to look forward to, thanks to the Time Shift mode feature.

According to TechWorld, Time Shift ensures that you get the perfect shot by capturing the milliseconds before and after the actual photo. Now you can avoid any photo bomb pictures because you have the chance to edit and combine pictures, in case someone blinks in a shot or someone else isn't looking at the last second.

Hard to find and potentially expensive apps

BlackBerry has improved the BlackBerry World by launching more than 70,000 apps for its platform. However, The Star reports that the apps here are harder to find and may be more costly, even those that are also sold on other platforms.

Some games like Babel Rising 3D costs $2 more than one sold in Apple's App Store or the Android' Google Play. There is also the issue of finding the more well-known and used apps such as Instagram on BlackBerry World.

Unconfirmed release dates

One of the lows that avid BB10 fans are currently experiencing is the vagueness of the release date of the Q10 handset. Considering the five-year wait since the first BlackBerry came to the market, it seems that the longer release of the Q10 may be the bane of this BB10 iteration.

Wired even reports that Q10 may not even hit the UK until the second or third quarter of the year, which may not be good for BB10 sales or the patience of BB10 fans.

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