BlackBerry Passport in White Spotted Online

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A Blackberry Passport donning a white shade has appeared online. So far, all the Passport devices that we have seen were black, though company CEO John Chen did mention during the launch of the device that a white colour option will be there, too. However, such a device has been elusive, so far, though not any more.

The particular Passport in white though has been leaked by CrackBerry who claims it to be the real thing. In any case, BlackBerry has always been known to launch its devices in white alongside the standard black, so a version of the Passport in white was always forthcoming.

Meanwhile, BlackBerry has gone to town claiming the device is already becoming a top draw among consumers, mentioned BGR. The company has stated that former BlackBerry loyalists who might have shifted to the Android or iOS camp have indicated their interest in getting back to the BlackBerry fold, all thanks to the Passport.

The biggest draw with the Passport is its square shape which stands out among the sea of smartphone me toos that sport a rectangular shape. If that is not enough, the Canadian company has also added a keypad at the bottom which again belies conventions with its dual function as a touch-based input that is believed to be the future.

BlackBerry backed its Passport device claiming the square-shaped 4.5-inch 453-ppi display actually makes it more convenient to read text than conventional smartphones. The physical keypad at the bottom also makes typing much more easier than its on-screen counterpart. There are less chances of errors, too, with a physical keypad. BlackBerry has stated that the three-row keypad will also serve as a trackpad when swiped.

The Canadian company has also announced the Blackberry Assistant which it claims is built on the lines of the Apple Siri or Windows Cortana in being able to serve as a voice based control system. However, details of the BB Assistant have been kept under wraps now. The company said users will be pleasantly surprised at the way the new BB Assistant will exceed its peers such as Siri or Cortana and will only be revealed alongside Passport device in September, reports PCPro.


BlackBerry has just officially released a picture of the Passport in white. BlackBerry explained its choice for the particular shade of white as something that exudes "warmth of the unique, stainless steel frame." The company further revealed Passport devices will sport a porcelain feel at the rear which allows for good grip while still being smooth, mentions Ubergizmo.

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