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BlackBerry Chief Executive John Chen Holds Up The Unreleased Blackberry Passport
IN PHOTO: BlackBerry Chief Executive John Chen holds up the unreleased Blackberry Passport device during the company's annual general meeting for shareholders in Waterloo June 19, 2014. BlackBerry Ltd posted a narrower-than-expected loss as the troubled smartphone maker's turnaround efforts started to pay off, raising hopes Chen can deliver on a pledge to return the company to steady profits. REUTERS/Mark Blinch

Despite reports that the Canadian telecommunication company BlackBerry is struggling, a video of BlackBerry Passport leaked online which was viewed by tech enthusiasts as perhaps the last ditch for the company to save itself.

The extensive hands-on of the smart phone revealed interesting fresh features that many smartphone users could anticipate from BlackBerry Passport on its September release date.

Keyboard cum Trackpad

According to an article from PC Pro, the three-row keyboard in BlackBerry Passport functions not just as a physical keyboard for typing information on the screen. It also functions as a trackpad when the user swipes the fingers on top of the keyboard even without touching it.

Automatic Wake and Power Save

Phone Dog cited that the BlackBerry Passport will have a "Lift to Wake" feature wherein the smart phone will immediately turn on the screen upon pick up. There will also be a "Face down power save" feature wherein it will reportedly augment the battery life when placed on a flat area with face down.

Updated OS

Digital Trends mentioned that BlackBerry Passport will come with BlackBerry 10.3 operating system when it hits the market. With this feature, smartphone users will be able to search and manage emails, change profile notifications, check trending topics on Twitter, send calendar invites and do a lot more.

Powerful Processor

The same source mentioned above also cited that Blackberry Passport will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.5GHz. The smart phone will also have 3GB of RAM with accompanying 32GB of internal storage memory. Given this powerful processor, smart phone users will be able to seamlessly accomplish multiple tasks like calling, surfing the Web, playing games, watching videos, or reading documents.

BlackBerry Assistant

Digital Trends also cited that BlacbBerry Passport will have its own virtual assistant called BlackBerry Assistant. This will be the first smart phone in the BlackBerry lineup to have its own virtual assistant like Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana. This virtual assistant will also be able to assist smartphone users whenever they speak or type a certain inquiry, command or request. The voice app will provide them with the necessary help to make them organized, productive, and informed.

Watch the extensive hands-on of BlackBerry Passport from YouTube.

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